Massive DreamTeam Apex Update

If you play Apex, you know Season 3 dropped on Tuesday, October 1st. And at DreamTeam, we are thrilled to announce a massive update ourselves. Over the last month, we’ve received a lot of feedback from players who would love to see an update that makes challenges more competitive for the average player. Well, it’s here! DreamTeam announces Ranked Challenges. On top of that, we’ve updated our LFG feature. And, of course, added Crypto to the list of Legends and Season 3 to the stats. Come with us as we discuss our biggest Apex update to date.


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Ranked Challenges


ranked challenges dreamteam apex legends 3


DreamTeam now divides Challenges into five different ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond and Preditor. This provides an opportunity to compete against players of equal skill, making it easier to place in the top 3 and win some cash. Please keep in mind that because of the soft rank reset, it will take some time for players to reach their real ranks. So there will likely be better players in the lower-ranked Challenges for a week or so. Having said that, let’s take a look at how does Ranked Challenges work. 


DreamTeam automatically filters Challenges according to your current rank in order to make finding Challenges you can join easier. Feel free to change the filter and take a look at how well other ranks do in similar Challenges. 





New Challenge Type  


ranked challenges dreamteam apex legends 11


We’ve added a new type of Challenge, highest single-game Challenges. There’s no longer a need to play for 10 hours in order to reach the top! However, doing so will give you more opportunities to get your highest score and make it into the top 3 😉. 





New Prime Challenges 


The following changes have been made to Prime Challenges:


– Each rank has one Prime Challenge per week and two Prime Challenges per weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday

– The prize pools have been increased from $20 to $30

– The number of places paid has been increased from 3 to 8


apex legends season 3 challenges


And remember, participants in Prime Challenges will now be competing against similarly ranked players. With that, and the top 8 places now being paid, Prime members have an even better chance of making some money! 





The most advanced LFG


find a team dreamteam apex legends 3


So you’ve just come home and wanna play some Apex. And wouldn’t you know it, none of your Apex friends are online. It’s been a long day and you really don’t feel like playing with toxic randoms. We understand your pain. We gotcha. Visit the LFG and, boom, problem solved. 


The latest LFG update makes finding a player or squad even easier and faster. Here’s how:


New Post Algorithm 


Our LFG no longer displays posts based on when they were posted. Although doing that is helpful, it isn’t really what is most important to players who use our LFG feature. The DreamTeam LFG now displays posts based on who is currently online first. After all, that’s what really matters. Players use LFG to find someone to play with at that moment. Players no longer need to scroll through posts to find the players who are currently online or wait until an offline player replies to a message. Players can connect and start playing sooner. And as an added bonus, we’ve also added a spam filter. Say goodbye to pointless posts forever. 





Quick Skill Understanding


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Each post displays two pieces of information related to a player’s skill: the DreamTeam Rating and Apex rank. The DreamTeam Rating uses a complex algorithm to calculate a player’s overall skill based on stats and play experience. If you’re looking for a player and have a DT Rating of 8.5, you can quickly understand that it is probably a waste of time to reply to a post of a player who has a DT Rating of 0.6. 





Filter System


find a team dreamteam apex legends


You can now quickly filter the LFG post by platform, mic, and, most importantly, Legend. We know every player has a main main. 







find a team dreamteam apex legends 2


You now have the ability to share that you are looking for players across Facebook groups and Twitter. Hopefully, you shouldn’t need this as our LFG finds players pretty quickly. However, we would appreciate a share or two for some advertising. Wink. Wink.






As an added bonus, we’ve added avatars. You’ve chosen your avatar for a reason. Why not attach it to your post? Done. Each post now displays a little bit more about who the poster is. 


Season 3 


DreamTeam’s player stats, Legend stats, and leaderboards have been updated to include Season 3 and the new Legend, Crypto. Season 3 was released less than 2 days ago. Visit DreamTeam’s Leaderboards and check out how many kills the Crypto Kill leader has to understand how often some people really play. Note: It’s mind-boggling!  




Be sure to visit and check out all of the latest updates. See you on the new map!  

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