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Liquid Lists DREAM Token

DreamTeam is thrilled to announce that the DREAM token has been listed on Liquid.


Liquid is one of the world’s largest regulated fiat-crypto exchanges and its constant innovation is solving the crypto economy’s liquidity problem. By allowing users to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat or other digital currencies, Liquid has created the perfect platform for the first-time crypto investor. At the same time, experienced traders feel right at home with the ability to trade on margin with up to 25x leverage.


Liquid harnesses three different types of trading technology to create a single globally sourced trading platform: matching engine, cross currency conversion engine and smart order routing.


Being listed on a Tier 1 exchange with real trading volume is crucial to DreamTeam. After many lengthy discussions with our advisors, months of doing our own market research, and cross-referencing various proven resources such as blockchaintransparency.org, DreamTeam has decided Liquid is the best place for the DREAM token’s initial listing. Many exchanges report huge trading volumes, but the reality is that those trading volumes are often inflated. Liquid’s real trading volume makes the exchange the perfect partner for DreamTeam. As we have always stated, DreamTeam believes that real trading volume is vital for a healthy token economy, and Liquid can provide exactly that.


According to our Tokenomics document, our plan is to integrate the DREAM token into the entire esports payment ecosystem. In order to do that, the DREAM token required an exchange that allowed trading in USD. Liquid fulfills that need. We are now working with the Liquid team to get the DREAM token paired with USD. This is a critical step to being connected to payment gateways, such as DreamTeam’s partner Xsolla, and opening up the crypto market to first-time investors by making the entire process as user-friendly as possible.    


Liquid also has geographical advantages. Having the Liquid headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, positions DreamTeam at the center of Japanese esports. Japan has some of the most active crypto enthusiasts on the planet. Liquid provides accessibility of the DREAM token to both crypto enthusiasts and one of the biggest esports markets in the world. In 2018 alone, 67.6 million players spent over $19bn, giving Japan the world’s highest ARPU. By 2020, DreamTeam will enter the market with a Japanese version of DreamTeam. Being listed on Liquid is a very important strategic decision that will allow DreamTeam to be at the forefront of exponential esports growth in the country leading the charge.  


Being listed on Liquid is also an important step toward validation within the crypto space. DreamTeam will be listed on CoinMarketCap as soon as possible and will continue to negotiate with other exchanges to be listed on.


Registering on Liquid to get the DREAM token is easy:


– Create an account on Liquid.com.


– Set up 2-factor authentication. Remember, keeping your account as secure as possible is important. Here’s how: 2-factor authentication.


– Verify your account. This is an important step in order to access the full benefit of features and services on Liquid. If you need help, check out this walkthrough.


Trade Now


DreamTeam and Liquid are always here to help.


Feel free to contact DreamTeam at https://support.dreamteam.gg or Liquid at https://help.liquid.com/.


Let us know if you have any questions or comments.



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