Item Names: Culture

Riot Games is just like us: folks read books, study history, and even play Japanese video games. They’ve been a great source of inspiration for item names—our new list even features a Final Fantasy reference!


Atma’s Impaler


Atma’s Impaler pays homage to Final Fantasy. The name originates from the Ultima Weapon (previously called Atma Weapon), which gets stronger as you gain more HP. There’s also a monster of the same name.



The LoL version worked the same way: it increased AD by 1.5% of champion’s health Unfortunately, other items had better unique passives, so Impaler was removed at the end of Season 2014. It occasionally pops up in Nexus Blitz under the name Atma’s Reckoning.


Odyn’s Veil


Odyn’s Veil is rooted in both in-game lore and actual mythology. Odyn references the homeland of Skarner. However, the location name is clearly homonymous—there’s a Norse god called Odin.



Veil’s purpose supports the Norse notion. It’s a tank item with a magic resistance passive, which would be quite fitting for a battlefield god. The item was removed in February 2016, alongside the Dominion mode, as Odin’s contribution to LoL wasn’t extended to 5v5.


Mejai’s Soulstealer


Finally, a comic reference! This item is named after Mejai the Gypsy from Le Scorpion. She wasn’t really into stealing souls—but attempting to kill the title character was a remarkable cause, too.



Mejai’s Soulstealer is still in the game. It’s a popular feast or famine choice for AP characters. Getting multiple kills without dying makes you extremely strong, but a couple of failures nullify the 1,400 gold investment.


Rylai’s Crystal Scepter


This one is about as subtle as Nashor instead of Roshan. The item references the Dota 2 hero, Crystal Maiden, whose given name is Rylai. It’s hardly an infringement, because some devs of the original DotA moved on to League of Legends.


The Dota 2 character

The Dota 2 character


Scepter is still alive and kicking freezing; at a higher rate than the Dota 2 hero, actually, because the item slows with every offensive ability and pet attack.


Seraph’s Embrace


Here’s another religious reference. Seraphs are the six-winged angels next to Jesus. They are mentioned in Christianity, Judaism, and Judaism, although their status varies.

Seraph’s Embrace is an upgrade to Archangel’s Staff. All you have to do is get an extra 750 mana, starting from the Tear of the Goddess component—so the origin is really clear.


Youmuu’s Ghostblade


Ghostblade originates from the Touhou Project anime. The character’s name is Youmu; she’s a ghost and human at the same time. She also wields a sword and can run pretty fast.



Youmuu’s Ghostblade makes your champion pretty fast. The item has both passive and active move speed bonuses. Extra Lethality makes it a good choice for assassins and some ADCs.

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