IEM Chicago 2019 recap

IEM Chicago Recap: Top 6 Storylines From IEM Chicago 2019

Team Liquid continues its flawless run. MIBR shock the world. ENCE reach a Grand Final again.


This is DreamTeam’s IEM Chicago Recap. Let’s go!


Another title for Team Liquid


Team Liquid were crowned the IEM Chicago 2019 champions after beating ENCE 3:0 in the Grand Final bo5 series.


Team Liquid IEM Chicago Champions


In a prematch clip, we saw Aleksib and Stewie2k talking about what they each thought would happen in the Grand Final, and from what they said, it was easy to see that they both wanted the title badly.


Aleksib’s speech made it sound like there was a possibility of beating TL rather than one full of total confidence. 



Stewie’s “…we feel like we’ll beat them easily” sounded confident, bordering on arrogant. 



It’s not cocky if you can back it up though, and that’s exactly what happened.


Team Liquid breezed past ENCE on Overpass and Nuke (16:2 and 16:3, respectively). 


Down 0:2, the Finns tried to fight back on Inferno, but 14 rounds was the best they could do.


This victory was the latest of Team Liquid’s incredible results this summer.

Team Liquid Results In 2019

Looks more than impressive. Congratulations!


The Intel Grand Slam Season 3 race started!


Outstanding performances during the tournament and a flawless victory in the Grand Final not only earned TL an IEM Chicago title and $125,000, they also picked up the first win in the Intel Grand Slam Season 3


Due to recent updates to the IGS rules, TL will need to win 5 more regular ESL/DH tournaments or 3 regular ESL/DH tournaments including the StarLadder Berlin Major or ESL One: Cologne to win Season 3. 


Well, looking at Team Liquid’s recent results, that doesn’t sound too difficult for them, does it?


Another MVP for EliGe


It seems that we’ve got to make some changes to our Team Liquid Quiz as Johnathan “EliGe” Jablonowski just hauled in his third MVP award this year. 


EliGe IEM Chicago MVP


Outshining NAF, Stewie2k, and Twistzz is EliGe’s M.O. in 2019. 🙂


Team Liquid’s victory in Chicago was always the most likely outcome. The team is at its peak, Na’Vi and Astralis weren’t there to contest, and they had the support from the home crowd on their home soil.


Team Vitality in the group stage


Yeah, the Group B favorites did make it to the playoffs. But, they added some drama to their run. 


Vitality Made It To The Group Stage


Losing the opening match to Heroic, who were only there due to the visa issues of ForZe, wasn’t something their fans expected from the world’s #2 team. Well, ZywOo and co. did get revenge on Heroic in a decider match to place 2nd in the group. But if they’d won the group, they probably wouldn’t have lost to Team Liquid in the semis, and who knows what kind of Grand Final we would have seen. 


MIBR’s rise


Their play in Chicago showed that MIBR has shrugged off the situation with coldzera and came back stronger. Yes, zews’ stats throughout the tournament were far from perfect (0.67 K/D ratio through 11 maps) but CS:GO is a team game, right?


The start was quite predictable – 0:2 in the opening match vs. G2. But then, things started rolling for the Brazilian roster.


MIBR FalleN and zews


In the elimination match, MIBR’s opponent, Team Envy, had to bring in their coach and analyst, Zachary “Eley” Stauffer due to Envy IGL, Nifty’s, illness. That definitely contributed to MIBR’s victory. Though, they pulled it off on the third map only in OT


In the decider match, FalleN and co got revenge on their opening match opponents, G2. The third map, Train, will give G2 nightmares, as they somehow managed to lose the CT side 5:10, and then the map 6:16.


The start of the semis vs. ENCE was promising for MIBR as well, as they won the first map, Mirage, 16:13. But at that point, the Brazilians were given a rude awakening, as ENCE stormed back on the next two maps – 16:5 Train, 16:7 Dust2.


Along with the changes to the Major rules which allow zews to play in Berlin, MIBR’s performance is a ray of sunshine for both the team and the fans. Hopefully, MIBR will keep the momentum going in the New Legends Stage.


G2’s fall


“…we fucked up. It happens, shit happens”


This kennyS line from this interview perfectly summed up IEM Chicago for G2.


After a great performance at ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals in Montpelier, hype about the French CS:GO scene has been creeping back. The prospect of facing their in-country rival, Team Vitality, in the playoffs was mouth-watering. 


Instead of that, both teams went missing.


G2 fail at IEM Chicago


Losing to MIBR in the decider match was tough for shox and co. Hopefully, it will have a galvanizing effect on the team, rather than shaking the team. They have one month before the Major. Let’s wait. 


IEM Chicago was the last chance for some teams to get tournament practice before a month-long player break before StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. The results show that even the on-paper favorites have some homework to do. 


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