cs go updates march 2019

Huge CS:GO Updates

It didn’t take Valve much time after IEM Katowice 2019 came to an end to surprise CS:GO fans and pros with a new massive update to the game.


There are some cosmetic changes:

– a new Prisma Case which features 17 community-designed weapon skins;
– updates for non-competitive maps such as Canals, Vertigo, Abbey, and Biome;
– minor bugs fixed.


But the most impactful thing was much more than cosmetic.


Valve made changes to the AUG and silenced M4. And the main thing is that they updated the CS:GO economy system.


Let’s take a closer look at those two, as they are the core of today’s updates.


The silenced M4 update


The M4A1-s has now got a 25-bullet clip with 75 more in reserve.


This is what some pro players like valde, RUSH, and flusha had asked for. This may be able to bring the weapon back on track, as it’s been abandoned by the vast majority of pros for quite a while.


The AUG update


The AUG’s price was increased back to the pre-October 2018 patch’s price of $3,300.

That’s bad news for those who have practiced the “bullpup” for the last five months. But, the $150 increase shouldn’t stop them from purchasing their newfound love. Soon, we’ll find out if the purchase percentage of the AUG drops significantly.


The shotguns update


The main thing is the price decrease. The Nova now costs $1,050, the Sawed-Off is $1,100, and the Mag7 is $1,300. That makes these weapons more viable in force-buys, especially for CTs.


The assist update


This one adds a flashbang assist for players who successfully flash an enemy who then gets killed by another player. However, if another player inflicted >40 damage to the victim of the assist, the support player who threw a flashbang won’t get an assist.


The CS:GO economic system update

The first innovation to the legendary ShaGuar’s creation – a CS economic system – was implemented in CS:GO in October when the income after losing a pistol round was increased. This time, the changes seem even more significant and are also associated with the round loss bonuses.


The round loss bonuses are based on a team’s loss counter, which had its mechanics changed.


In the case of a round loss, a team’s loss counter increases by 1. And, now, in a scenario in which a team breaks their losing streak and then loses another round after, the loss counter isn’t reset to zero (as it was before the update) but is decreased by 1.


Basically, if Astralis beat Liquid five rounds in a row and go up 5-0 on a map, but Liquid wins round 6, and then immediately loses round 7, Liquid will get $2,900 going into round 8 compared to the $1,400 they would have received before this patch.


It seems like from now on we’re going to be witnessing more gun rounds, and, therefore, more intense battles.


It’ll more interesting to follow the CS:GO pro scene now, as this update may give us some new challengers and totally different looking world rankings.


The game develops, and so must we too. Visit dreamteam.gg for useful, up-to-date content and new platform features, which have just launched. Use the platform wisely, and you’ll definitely improve in CS:GO. Good luck!

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