How To Win Pistol Rounds: Top 5 Pistol Strats in CSGO

How To Win Pistol Rounds: Top 5 Pistol Strats

Even after the huge economy updates in CS:GO, the pistol round remains one of the most important aspects of the game. So here you go – a compilation of the top 5 pistol rounds we’ve seen recently in professional matches.


Renegades pulled off this T pistol round on Train in their match vs. AVANGAR in the New Challengers Stage of IEM Katowice 2019.



The next round is an aggressive CT pistol setup by Team Liquid from their BLAST Pro Series São Paulo match vs. Ninjas In Pyjamas on Overpass.



Another masterpiece from Renegades was their T-side pistol round vs. NiP on Mirage in the New Challengers Stage of IEM Katowice Major. This one includes a fake and is tricky as well.



Here’s an aggressive CT setup on Inferno by NRG from their match vs. MIBR at StarSeries & i-League Season 7.



The last on the list, but still a very interesting pistol round is going to be a slow A-site execution from Made In Brazil vs. FaZe Clan on Nuke at BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo. MIBR set up a T pistol which had features similar to a round by Astralis at ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 vs. Team Liquid almost a year ago. However, MIBR’s execution was more successful, so let’s take a look at their version.



Having these strats in your arsenal makes winning pistol rounds easy. That’s what preparation is all about. Visit to get access to more useful and up-to-date content about CS:GO which makes your preparation process structured, easier, and more fun. Preparation is the first step on your way to success.

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