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How To Get 10 Minions Per Minute

When you tune in to a pro match, it’s rare to see a farming champion drop way below a CSM of 10.0. SoloQ numbers are often two times lower, so here’s a guide to help you narrow the gap.


Last hit well. Sounds like a straightforward tip, but you should really become better at it. Ideally, there are only two reasons to miss a safe minion: either you’re not there or you’re too busy killing a lane opponent.


You can have a solid practice session by yourself. Start an empty custom game with just you and minions and play for about 10 minutes. Try to set a new record with each session. At first, avoid using abilities: you’re going to have them in an actual game, but initially, it’s better to perfect AAs.


Froggen League of Legends Player

Froggen is often criticized for farming ‘til the end of the world, but he’s good at it.


Always look for farm. A lot of players in low Elo put out decent numbers in the lane but struggle afterward. It has to do with inefficient rotations and also the unwillingness to take minions away. However, as a carry champion, you shouldn’t feel guilty about boosting your potential with extra gold.


Mid-game farm is often about wave management. You have to both get gold and keep minions pushing toward enemies in all lanes. Check out our recent guide here to learn how to do that more effectively.


Keep jungle minions in sight. They can significantly increase your numbers, and you often see the likes of Froggen taking all nearby camps. However, don’t straight up copy that behavior in SoloQ. Get your Jungler’s consent first and consider not touching these minions at all if you have a carry Jungler on your team.


There are options to slay jungle minions no matter what. For instance, you may invade enemy jungle after successful fights. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with a taking a camp or two while your Jungler is down for 30 seconds or so.


Don’t stress about the exact minion too much. The more calm and cautious nature of competitive games definitely enables CS records, and SoloQ matches often have much more fighting. If your Elo still suffers from that, just avoid missing guaranteed opportunities (lane creeps) and look for extra openings (other lanes, jungle).

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