how to draft league of legends

How To Draft: Second Rotation

We’ve discussed the importance of the first pick, but the red side’s response is just as important. Here are some ideas for it.


Pick up the remaining OP champions. Sometimes the meta is too unbalanced, so there are busted characters still left over even after the six bans and the first pick. Besides, you may have taken a risk and kept some of them open.


A good example from this season is the G2 Esports vs Origen match from the first week of the LEC. Both teams tried their hardest to ban the OP champions, yet the double pick of the second rotation greatly benefitted G2. They got Urgot, the worst balance offender at the time, and Mikyx’s signature Rakan.



Grab a powerful duo. Some champions have amazing synergy while being individually strong as well. Picking them gives a significant gameplay advantage, although it also reveals a lot of info about the remainder of the draft.


The classic example is picking Xayah and Rakan together. Last year, if both champions got through the first ban phase, most teams would choose the duo. Their synergy and numbers were good enough to make up for the lack of ambiguity.


React to target bans. If the enemies ban three Mid champions and took the fourth, you have to get the fifth best option. It’s hard to process that, but the alternative is worse. You would hate to see your mid laner relegated to using the eighth best champion.

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