What Is It?


The “Headshot” skill shows the percentage of your hits that were in the head of your opponents.


*We use this exact approach as a hit to the head doesn’t always result in a headshot kill


Why Improve It?


In CS:GO mechanics, the head is the most vulnerable part of the player and takes more damage. Therefore, if you hit the head you need less time and fewer bullets to get a kill.


Mastering the headshot skill helps the most with the most common rifles like the AK-47, M4A1-s, M4A4 and pistols, as they either have low ammo in the clip (Desert Eagle), a long reload or recoil time (Desert Eagle and CZ), or deal minimal damage on armored bodies (USP-S, Glock).


How To Improve It?


A. Work On Your Crosshair Placement


Firstly, concentrate on how you hold your crosshair. Avoid needing to flick upward to hit headshots by always keeping your crosshair at head level. If you’re aimed at the body, headshots become tougher to hit consistently.


Also, concentrate on shooting from a standing position (try not to crouch), and add in the counter-strafing technique to aim precisely and shoot accurately.


B. Shoot More Accurately


We relate “hitting a headshot” to being highly accurate while aiming at a small target. Considering this, try moving and aiming accurately while testing out different firing rhythms. The most accurate ones are one-taps and burst fire, so focus on improving those.


You’ll find out more about movement, aiming, and effective ways to practice firing rhythms in our “Accuracy” article.


Try practicing by shooting at smaller targets.


C. Practice Smart On DeathMatch Servers And Specified Workshop Maps


We recommend this approach:


Join a casual (NOT HS Only) DeathMatch server, and try to keep a high-level concentration while practicing one-taps and burst firing only while shooting, never switching to spraying (even at close range).


Alternatively, workshop “Prefire maps” will work to complete this objective.


If you follow these instructions, you will definitely get better at connecting your shots with your opponents’ heads. And, keep in mind that improving a single skill while ignoring the rest won’t get you to the top. Becoming a Pro in CS:GO is about mastering a large set of hard and soft skills, such as positioning, cooperation, utility usage, communication, etc. If you develop all of these, you’ll be on your way to becoming the best.

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