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HE Grenades In CS:GO: Top 10 Ways To Use HEs

Some inventions are brand new. Like the Internet – something that had never previously existed, a concept you could only imagine. Others are blasts from the past. The current CS:GO HE meta is the latter.


A long time ago, back in the 1.6 era, throwing several HE grenades in one direction to deal massive damage wasn’t at all uncommon. Blowing up two CTs at catwalk on Dust2, or three Ts executing a fast A-site split through T main on Train brought fun and contributed to winning rounds. Moreover, you could nade down one or two Ts executing a ramp push on Nuke by throwing your HEs at the opposite side of the wall on the upper site – HEs dealt not-insignificant damage through the maps’ textures.


When talking about CS:GO, the grenade mechanics have changed. Contrary to CS 1.6, any texture (ledge, corner, basically any surface) prevents you from taking the full damage of an HE. HE usage became less popular, giving way to tactics based on individual shooting and smoke deployment. Some of the most popular mass nading strats remained, i.e. the previously-mentioned T main nading on Train, but there were only a few.


But, in 2018, Astralis revived the long-forgotten trend. It must have been zonic’s idea, reverting back to his 1.6-pro-player experience to form the team’s old-new approach. And this approach evolved into the current in-game meta, new to CS:GO. To keep up with the meta and the number 1 team in the world, other teams had to adjust to this newfound threat and come up with their own tactics. But if you compare Astralis’ HE stats with some other team’s ones in DreamTeam Analytics, the Danes would probably still be miles ahead. Here’s how HEs have been re-implemented into the game.


Astralis CSGO

Astralis’ approach to playing CS:GO brought them to the top in 2018


Mass nading today is either a part of a well-planned, slow site execution for the Ts, a situational adjustment to the Ts’ actions, or it’s based on particular timings for the CTs. An example of the first would be nading the Monster exit from construction on Overpass. As for the second, consider this: While playing as a CT on Dust2, you can stand near the middle doors and wait for the Ts’ flashbang from palm toward short to explode. When it does, you know that one of the Ts is at the palm position, and you can throw two HEs there.


Dealing damage with HEs has three different and distinct benefits:


1. The physical damage itself, which makes eliminating your opponents later in the round easier.

2. Some low-cost economy damage to your opponents and the manpower advantage you get if you get a kill.

3. Information denial from the map areas you successfully bombarded.


In the video below, you’ll find the top 10 ways to use HEs as optimally as possible, which will contribute to winning more rounds. We didn’t mention wildly obvious options like peppering T ramp, top banana, and banana start on Inferno. Nor is the usual long halls bombardment on Dust2, or blowing up the Ivy corner on Train talked about. However, the HE tips you’ll find in the video will definitely be useful and will help you get better at playing CS:GO just like all of the content at DreamTeam.gg.



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