Graffiti in CS:GO

Tournament after tournament CS:GO pros excited us with their exceptional and memorable performances. Some of them are ingrained in players’ and fans’ memories, some forever catalogued in YouTube videos. And the most spectacular moments in CS:GO history have been captured right in the game in street art’s longtime vehicle of choice, graffiti.



The first piece of graffiti emerged on a CS:GO map wall is in honor of Olofmeister’s bomb defusal in Fnatic’s ESL One: Cologne 2014 Semifinal match vs Team Dignitas.


You may be asking, “How could a bomb defusal be spectacular?” Here’s how 🙂


Fnatic, playing as CTs, were faced with a 4v3 retake situation with the bomb planted on the B site @de_overpass all tied up at 14:14 scoreline. Having already dropped one enemy, Olofmeister started defusing the bomb at the same time as Device’s molly was flaring up under his feet. Unfortunately for Team Dignitas, Device got his frag a moment after the bomb had been defused. Taking the round while losing his life, Olofmeister willed his team into the Grand Finals.


The graffiti portrays a winged CT with a defuse kit in flames and is located on the wall at the B site.


Jump Of Faith

Next on our list is graffiti dedicated to Coldzera’s quad kill @ de_mirage’s B site vs Team Liquid at MLG Columbus 2016.


It was a 15:9 scoreline on the first map of the semifinals with Team Liquid one step from taking Luminosity’s map pick. But Hiko’s call for the whole team to initiate a B halls execution late in the 25th round turned into a disaster, as they ran into a one-man wrecking crew in Marcelo David and his AWP.


Holding the van position, Cold took a common and pretty easy first frag on Adren, but it’s the thing of beauty that soon followed which immortalized the play. He didn’t change his positioning after the first kill, but kept checking B halls by jumping. During one of those jumps he pulled off a sensational noscope double kill on Elige and smple. After that his close distance noscope on nitr0 didn’t seem that spectacular, but still provided a nice way to close out the round.


This quad kill was a turning point in the match, as Luminosity Gamingmanaged to pull off a comeback, after forcing overtime.They followed up their win on the first map with one on the second, strolling into the Grand final, where they beat Na’Vi to become an MLG Columbus 2016 champions.


The graffiti depicts a winged black AWP with four red skulls over it. Coldzera tattooed the graffiti on his body in memory of this moment.


Who Needs Zoom?

The next one is dedicated to s1mple’s insane 1v2 clutch at ESL One: Cologne 2016 in the semifinals. He was playing for Team Liquid back then, and Fnatic were the opposition.


It was a common 1v2 situation as CTs @de_cache, where an ordinary player would consider saving his weapon for the next round, which would have been the default option. But that option was no good for s1mple – one of the best players in the world.


By the time he had run up toward heaven, Dennis, who was the first T entering the site, had already been beneath heaven’s platform, with Krimz playing a support role from the B lobby area.


With the AWP in hand, s1mple jumped off heaven’s platform and no-scoped Dennis while still in mid-air. He then finished Krimz off with another noscope a moment after hitting the ground. The commentators’ and fans’ reactions added to the magnificence of the moment.


The graffiti portrays a winged CT with an AWP in hand and with a laser mark pointing to the head in the middle of a crosshair and is located under heaven’s platform. s1mple tattooed this graffiti on his left arm to immortalize this sick clutch.


You’re Not Getting Away With It!

The fourth graffiti is dedicated to Dosia’s 200 IQ play on the third map of the PGL Krakow 2017 Grand Finals in a Gambit vs. Immortals matchup.


By that moment, Immortals had already won their pick, de_cobblestone, and Gambit had won theirs, de_train. So the two teams had moved to the decider, de_inferno.


Gambit, as CTs, were up 9:1 when they found themselves in a 2v3 retake situation at the A site. As Zeus was low on hp with an AWP in his hands, Gambit decided to save their weapons for the next round, but Dosia did it in a very smart way, which cost Immortals a pretty penny.


The bomb was planted next to the default position on the A site, Dosia was in boiler with LUCAS1 and steel, who were on 100 and 97 hp respectively, and standing in the furthest corner of pit. Standing in this position allows you to survive the bomb explosion if you have 85+ hp.


Understanding this concept, a few seconds before the bomb’s explosion Dosiamoved toward short and threw an HE grenade toward the Brazilians’ position that hit the bullseye – the HE landed right in front of the two Ts and dropped their HP by 52, which made surviving the explosion impossible for them.


Dosia didn’t get two frags, but made the Brazilians lose the much needed utility and armor while they were already in a poor economic situation. This play was another little step toward Gambit eventually winning the Major.


The move Dosia executed in that match, showed his deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and strategic components.


CS:GO map designers immortalized this moment by putting a poster on the wall at the bike position in pit. It depicts two hands holding an HE grenade with an “X” in the middle of it, as Dosia is also known as “X-God”.


You Shall Not Pass

The fifth graffiti is the only one dedicated to a whole team’s performance – Fnatic’s unexpected move at the ESL Cologne 2015 Grand Finals vs Envy on de_dust2.


Leading 17:15 in the last round of the overtime’s T-side and having enough money for “the move”, four of Fnatic players decided to buy AWPs in addition to their AKs. As JW, the only one with his AK in hand, moved toward the B site for a fast execution, pronax, flusha, Krimz, and Olofmeister with their AWPs equipped, lined up in T spawn to shoot the CT sniper or the B-site defender, crossing middle through the middle doors’ gap. Apex was unfortunate to be that sniper, and though surprised by Fnatic’s setup, managed to take a shot, but missed (might be hard to concentrate and instantly pick a target, when four sniper rifles are shooting your way 🙂, and was fragged a moment after.


Fnatic won that round, the map and the whole grand final.


The graffiti portrays a smiling T with four AWPs in his hands, two in each.


On October 11, 2017 Valve released an updated de_dust2, and unfortunately this graffiti was removed.


Thousands of players go to hundreds of tournaments and are writing CS:GO history now. So we’re definitely going to witness more breathtaking plays, worthy of being immortalized on the walls of CS:GO’s maps. And when it happens again, is going to be the one who lets you know 🙂


Stay tuned.

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