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Good Things Come In Threes — Three New DreamTeam Features

Along with finding Players, creating Teams, hosting Practice Games for free on DreamTeam servers, and improving with DreamTeam analytics, the platform now has three new features, the DreamTeam Coaching tool, the DreamTeam Journey Map, and Practice Game Invites. With the addition of these new features, DreamTeam continues being the place for building Teams and improving skills. In this article, we take a quick look at the CS:GO Coaching Tool, CS:GO Journey Map, and Practice Game Invites.


Coaching Tool


The DreamTeam Coaching Tool helps set goals, improve with guides, track achievements, and organize your Team. DreamTeam users finally have a tool that will, not only push them to improve but help them understand how to do it. Teams can either use the Coaching Tool to create custom goals or select from a list of preset goals. Each goal comes with additional video and textual educational content designed to help the Team or Player reach that specific goal. For a more in-depth breakdown of the Coaching Tool and how to use it, check out our “DreamTeam CS:GO Coaching Tool has arrived” article.


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Journey Map


The DreamTeam Journey Map is an interactive map which consists of multiple stages and steps. Each stage and step is designed to assist DreamTeam users in their esports journey. Unlike traditional sports, esports has never had a concrete path on how to go from beginner to professional, until now. For more information on how to use the DreamTeam Journey Map, check out our “DreamTeam Journey Map has arrived” article.

dreamteam journey map


Practice Game Invites


Practice Game Invites can be used to skip the Practice Game application process and invite any specific team to a Practice Game. For a more in-depth breakdown of the Practice Game Invites and how they work, check out our “Practice Game Invites have arrived” article.

practice tool in csgoBe sure to visit to create or join a Team and use these new features.

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