Gamebending Draven Strat

Last week, amateurs and pros alike noticed a strat that makes Draven earn the champion kill bounty without actually slaying a player. The abnormal mechanic will be fixed with Patch 9.9, which means we have about a week to cash in!


The strat is based on the interaction between an allied Draven and Illaoi. Her E, Test of Spirit, pulls the spirit of an enemy champion. Normally, killing this spirit before the foe runs away applies a slow and enables vicious tentacles to further attack the victim.


If Draven last hits the spirit, he turns the League of Adoration stacks into gold. The champion earns them through last hits and catching axes, so precise farming becomes even more rewarding.


But wait, there’s even more gold for Draven! Sounds unusual for him, but you have to pick up Kleptomancy as your keystone rune. Spirits from Illaoi’s E are considered champions, so you will be earning 5-coin grants or consumables without touching an actual character.


Support Illaoi won’t be starving either. She can grab Kleptomancy as well and rake in utility skrilla from Klepto and Spellthief Edge procs. Illaoi will be generating less gold than she would in the top lane, but lane presence and the boost to Draven are worth it.


Pros agree that this strat is busted. A Draven specialist from Team Vitality, Amadeu “Attila” Carvalho, was prompted to try laning along Draven as Illaoi during a weekend stream. His reaction speaks volumes.



It’s hard to tell how a deceitful Draven will affect MSI 2019. Patch 9.9 ships on May 1 (the day the tournaments starts), so the organizers are set to stick to the current version. Riot Games may consider putting a ban on Illaoi similarly to how newer and gamebreakingly bugged champions are barred from the competition.


If Riot refrains from breaking up the duo, we may be in for an extremely exciting or extremely frustrating tournament. Other OPs apart from Draven/Illaoi will be surviving first bans, which could make or break the viewer experience.

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