Fortnite’s Biggest Star, Ninja Leaves Twitch For Mixer

Fortnite’s Biggest Star, Ninja leaves twitch for Mixer


Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has announced that he’s signed an exclusive streaming deal with Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming service. Ninja is a household name, not just in esports but in pop culture. The world’s most popular gamer has used his talents and the popularity of Fortnite to gain a massive cult following. 


Twitch is basically the only name in streaming video games. Out of the top five most-popular game streaming platforms (twitch, Mixer, Youtube Gaming, Periscope, and Facebook Live), Twitch had 69% of the total concurrent viewers of all the channels combined.


Until yesterday, it was hard to imagine the two ever separating.


Then Mixer stepped in. The details of the agreement between Ninja and Mixer haven’t been disclosed, but there’s a very high probability that the money thrown his way must be astronomical. There’s surely guaranteed money that isn’t dependant on subscribers or viewership numbers which is likely enough for Ninja to live off of for a long time.


In 2018, dotesports calculated that Ninja was making more than $658,000 per month from twitch subscribers alone. And during that year, he is said to have made more than $10 million from subscribers, donations, advertisements, and sponsorships. But, that number is a low-ball estimate. 


This is clearly a massive effort to attract more gaming fans to Mixer. And, less than 24 hours after the deal was announced, Mixer is number one on the App Store for downloads. This experiment will be the first real test of how loyal fans are to a particular streamer or if they prefer the ease and comfortability of a particular platform. So, the long-term benefits of this test will be reaped by almost everyone in the streaming world.

If Ninja brings his fans with him, streamers will have the upper hand in negotiating with platforms. But, if twitch maintains its market share, platforms will be forced to drastically improve their products and marketing to gain a solid footing in the ever-growing live-streaming sphere.

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