Fortnite Season 10 Coming Soon

Fortnite is nearing double digits in Seasons and the tenth, like most of the previous ones before it, is being eagerly anticipated by fans of the game. Players can expect a new Battle Pass, some changes to the map, and gameplay updates. Here’s what we know is on the way.


When will it launch?


In the past, seasons in Fortnite have lasted ten weeks. Probably not wanting to make a giant change to the game just before the start of the World Cup, Season 9 is actually scheduled to go slightly longer. So, it looks like Season 10 will start on or around August 1st, coinciding with the end of the 2nd Birthday event that’s currently taking place in-game.  After all the birthday cake has been cleaned up, a new season will likely be ushered in, which will feel like a birthday present all on its own.


What will it cost?


Unless there’s a break from tradition, the likely cost of the Battle Pass will be 950 V-Bucks, which will set you back about $10. With the Pass, you’ll be able to participate in challenges and get the rewards that go along with them. 


What comes with it?


It’s hard to say, but another massive event has begun to prepare players for what’s coming next. On July 20, Fortnite players saw a huge robotic bear fighting against a giant monster. During the event, the bear automatically powered up to fight back the monster. It made its way into the vault at Loot Lake and got its hands on some kind of orb. A sword then appeared, and bear slayed the monster, leaving behind its corpse. Who really knows what that battle signaled for Season 10, but whatever it is, it’s got to be something worthy of that battle.

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