Fortnite Prime on DreamTeam

DreamTeam Prime helps Fortnite players get noticed in the Fortnite community, improve their skills, and, basically, get more out of the game. How? Continue reading to find out. 


Prime Challenges


Fortnite challenges premium


DreamTeam Challenges allow Fortnite players to compete with the community in challenges to showcase their skills and win cash. 


Each day, there are two free daily Challenges and one Prime Challenge. Solo, Duo, and Squad game modes contain one challenge each. Each day, one of the three challenges is a Prime Challenge. Prime Challenges are restricted to Prime members and offer higher prize pools. Prime members can join all challenges every day. Simply become a Prime member, join all of the challenges, and triple your chance at winning some cash. 





Prime LFG


connect gamers in fortnite


The DreamTeam Fortnite LFG can be your ticket to winning more. That’s right; it’s your tool for finding better players faster. All you have to do is post a message about the players you are looking for, and the Fortnite community takes care of the rest. We should probably mention that the DreamTeam LFG feature is much more than just a message like most forums. Each post displays a message, mic info, game mode, etc. And if that’s not enough, click on the player’s name to access their stats. Because without access to stats, it’s still just a random. So how can Prime help you? 


Prime LFG allows you to post as many messages per day as you like and pins your post at the top of the LFG feature for four hours. This will ensure that your message is not overlooked and will help you find better players faster. Lifehack: Post a message every four hours, and your post will remain at the top of the LFG section until you find the right players. 





Prime Profiles


fortnite premium profile


Not only do DreamTeam profiles connect and display stats, but profiles also represent who you are as a Fortnite player. You have the option to add information about yourself and connect various types of social networks. Need more followers on Twitch or subscribers on YouTube? Done. Want to share your discord. Also done. I guess you get the point. 


What about Prime? Prime memberships open up the possibility to personalize your profile with custom background images. Did we mention your name will be displayed in Gold? Yep, on leaderboards, in challenges, and LFG posts. Fancy. 


In summary, what you get with Prime is: 




Fortnite membership


 Prime is a paid membership that grants you access to:


– Prime Challenges – higher prizes

– No daily Challenge limits – join all daily challenges and triple your chance of winning

– The ability to customize your profile design – stand out from the crowd

– LFG message boosts – find better squads faster

– Unlimited LFG posts – persistence pays off  

– More dynamic stats – cool graphs with customizable stats

– Live 24/7 support – hopefully; you’ll never need this




Everyone loves a good BR game. And Fortnite is arguably the best out there. So, achieve more in your game with Fortnite Prime or Prime Gold memberships!

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