Fortnite DT Rating Explained

Your DreamTeam Rating for Fortnite is a unique feature that aims to objectively calculate a player’s skill level compared to all other users on a given platform (PC, console, or mobile). With that goal in mind, we’ve taken the most important aspects in the game and added them to a weighted formula to figure out each player’s rating. See your DT rating now by registering or logging onto or continue reading to see what is taken into consideration while calculating your DT rating. 



The ability to survive in any Battle Royale is critical, so “placement in matches” is one of the important elements of the formula. If you’re alive longer, there’s a much higher chance that your wins, kills, and experience levels will also be elevated.


Your fighting skills are also crucial to being considered a great player, so “kills per minute” is included in the rating calculation. Even if your team doesn’t always win or survive the entire match, your ability to put enemies down is one of the most important factors in determining your skill.


While hot-dropping is fun and chaotic and can lead to a lot of kills, it’s just not everyone’s style of play. So, kills per death is also factored into your rating. If you prefer to loot up and then start engaging when you have the advantage, that shows tactical awareness and skill. So, you may only get a few kills per game, but if you’re winning the majority of your 1v1s, your rating will go up.


And lastly, we factored in experience. This variable becomes less important the more you play, but “matches played” does provide some indication of your understanding of the game and its mechanics and, therefore, can’t be overlooked. Experience is heavily front-loaded, meaning that vast improvements are made from the moment you install the game up to a certain level. After attaining a mid-to-high level, improvement still occurs but at a slower pace. So experience means less in the formula the higher you go.


Since Fortnite is cross-platform, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses, we want to get the most accurate rating for you on your gaming platform of choice. So, our rating will compare you to only others that play on the medium that you use. That means that if you play on mobile, your rating won’t be affected by PC players who may be able to get more kills with a mouse and keyboard. If you play on multiple devices, we’ll calculate your weighted average across all of them.


The DreamTeam Rating is on a scale of one to ten, with a DreamTeam Rating of five being an average player.  

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