Fornite Celebrates 2nd Birthday With Challenges And Rewards

The birthday festivities for Epic Games’ Fortnite are now underway. At just two years old, Fortnite has outpaced every other title in the world, in many regards, for gaming supremacy. To celebrate, loads of new challenges to take on and rewards to take home, have been added for players.


Since its birth in 2017, Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode has consistently pushed the genre forward by adding bold update and bold update. That strategy has transformed the game from a single-player curiosity into a worldwide sensation, attracting an obscene number of players to the title. Throughout the nine seasons that have come to Fortnite, the flow of new content into the game, including emojis, music, skins, has been unstoppable.


On July 23, an announcement was made by the team at Epic, explaining what treats players were in for during the festivities. 

“Time flies when you’re having fun, two years in fact. The Fortnite Birthday Celebration kicks off this week starting Thursday, July 25 and runs until Wednesday, July 31,” Epic Games said. “We’re celebrating all over the Battle Royale map with present supply drops, birthday cakes and a gift item you’ll be able to toss to your squad.”

Even the Battle Bus will get some tuning, with specially-themed music now live and running until the end of the event. 


Although not much of a surprise, given the leaks that came about the celebration, a new pickaxe, wrap and some additional cosmetics are now available in-game.


World Cup Items


A few limited-time cosmetics commemorating the Fortnite World Cup are also there for players to enjoy. There are a couple new oufits, a new style for Fishstick and an exclusive wrap. Since the items are limited-time, if you don’t get them now, you’ll never have another chance to do so. 




With all the hoopla surrounding the birthday, players will also have challenges that need to be completed. Unlike the cosmetics, these challenges will be able to be completed until the end of Season 9. The challenges will be released three at a time, every three days. The first three went live on July 23, the next three will be available on July 26, and the final three will be added on July 29. 


Fortnite 2nd Birthday Challenges

– Play matches (10)

– Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes (10)

– Outlast Opponents (500)

– Gain health or shield from Birthday Cake (50)


Two years down and, likely, many more to follow. The momentum at Fortnite doesn’t seem to be slowing down much so you can expect an even more epic third birthday next year. For now, we’ll just enjoy the “terrible twos” that are actually pretty terrific.

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