Apex Sniper/Shotty Mode

Five Tips To Help You Win More In Sniper/Shotty Mode

After going through a couple months of grinding ranked in Apex, I’m really happy that the ultra-casual Armed and Dangerous mode was released into the game. It’s a nice break from the slow-paced, sweaty ranked gameplay that is the antithesis of what Respawn’s breakout battle royale is supposed to be all about. Even though the competition is less fierce, it’s still nice to win, so here are some tips that have helped me pick up some more Season 2 wins.



1. Shields, shield cells, and shield batteries are gold


If you happen to stumble upon any of these items, make sure that you do whatever you can to get them into your backpack or, in the case of the shield, get it equipped. I’ve won a couple of games with no shield at all, but one headshot from any of the sniper rifles, except the Scout, and you’re down. Treat the items you’d almost always pass up in ranked or normal modes as gold in Armed and Dangerous.


2. Don’t crouch to snipe


Because there are so many snipers in the game, there’s a good chance that the person you’re shooting at or a third party will see where you’re shooting from. If they do see you and you’re crouching, there’s much less of your body to hit, but if they aim for what would normally be center mass (which is what many players do) or don’t take bullet drop into account, they’ll be hitting you right in your dome. 


3. High ground is more important now


Look for elevation, get a sniper rifle with a 4x-10x digital threat scope, and unleash the fury. If you’re not at the highest point possible, there’s a good chance that someone else is, and they’re looking to take you out from above.


4. Get in the ring early to get a huge advantage


With the meds in short supply, getting into the ring is more important than ever before. If you’re constantly trying to get into the safe zone, you’re not able to scope out the situation to see where the enemy snipers are. Plus, if you’ve already taken some damage from being outside the zone, one shot from pretty much any weapon can put your lights out.


5. Drop in areas that have higher concentrations of bins than on-the-ground loot


Loot bins contain a much closer-to-normal number of items than on-the-ground loot locations. Your best bet is to drop into places that have plentiful bins, because the likelihood of you getting a weapon is much higher than if you drop into a place with buildings that usually have floor loot. Some good places to consider are The Pit (my personal favorite), Thunderdome, and Relay as they offer a decent number of supply bins in a relatively small area.


Apex Sniper/Shotty Mode


Bonus– Play a legend who has a health or shield advantage


Octane regenerates health, Gibraltar has a default 50 damage shield, Wattson can use her ultimate to replenish shields, and Lifeline can top off your health. Those legends can put together some team compositions that can thrive in an environment where poke damage is everywhere and shields and health are nowhere to be found. Consider dropping the Wraith or Pathfinder you’d normally play for one of the more support-oriented toons.


So, there you have it; my top tips to help get more wins in Armed and Dangerous. Even though IT’S a limited-time mode, DreamTeam’s helpful guides and news are here to stay. Check back often to learn more or just to have a laugh.

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