Essential Wards: Top

We’ve been to the bottom lane, we’ve visited Mid, so now it’s time to head to Top. Below are several ward spots to help you survive the first few games.


 mid league of legends

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These are the bushes that Junglers are most likely to go through for a gank. Depending on the position of the minion wave, you could be stuck between two enemies and die or have to Flash away. Alternatively, a tanky Jungler may straight up dive you under the turret.


Taking your side and the Jungler’s position into the account, consider leaving either a Totem or a Control Ward. You may regret not doing that later.


3 jungler league of legends


This ward spot may come in handy once the nearby turret is destroyed. It helps both sides to (re)establish control over the area.


jungler lol


This is the single most important spot in the top lane. Whoever has the ward here, has the power to keep both the enemy Jungler and the pit in sight. If you’re stronger than the enemy in a 1v1 fight, drop a Control Ward and protect it.


Even if you’re not in a dominant position, try to find a moment to destroy an enemy ward. Don’t forget to clear it out after a successful gank.


lol tactics

jungler tactics league of legends

lol tactics


These bushes are quite versatile. Top laners use them for hide-and-seek assaults while Junglers sneak up for lane ganks. The second threat is rather easy to deal with. You just have to place a ward in the furthest bush of the three.


Keeping vision for your 1v1 shenanigans is much harder. If you don’t feel threatened by the Jungler, place a Control Ward at the nearest bush. Do it to set up a lane gank, too. If the minion wave is closer to the center of the lane, keep the Control Ward in the river bush and drop Totem Wards when necessary.

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