League of Legends Bottom Lane

Essential Wards: Bottom Lane

With wards expiring within a couple of minutes, their placement is very situational. However, it’s always useful to remember the essential spots—and learn them if you’re not a Support main. Here are the points of interest in the bottom lane.


League of Legends Screenshot


This ward is good toward the late game. The blue side needs it for protection once two turrets are gone. The red side gets a lot of information on possible moves to the bottom lane after destroying the first turret.


League of Legends Wood


I can’t stress enough how vital this ward is for the blue side. If there’s no vision in this bush, the bottom lane is always in danger. It’s better to place a Control Ward at the nearest edge of the bush, simultaneously countering your enemies’ attempt at warding it. The red side does have a reason to contest the spot: Junglers may pass by it on their way to a gank.


League of Legends Map


Here’s a jack-of-all-trades ward. It covers part of the river, a path to the red side jungle, and the Dragon pit. You should always keep this spot in mind during the early game. One control ward around this spot may also deny multiple wards from the opposition.


League of Legends Start of the Game


A ward around here is great for Dragon control. If you place it deep enough, a generic Control Ward in the river is not going to spot it. You may try placing a Control Ward very deep, as enemies walking past the pit won’t see it.


League of Legends Champion


Practically a must-ward spot for the red side, if the blue side Jungler is coming for a dive, they are most likely going to use this bush.


League of Legends TIps


This ward covers the blue buff and gives a lot of information on enemy movement to the blue side. The red side should consider covering the bush while behind in order to secure the golem.


League of Legends Tricks


Once the two turrets are gone, the blue side practically pins the opposition down in, thanks to this ward. It’s also worth placing while setting up a gank to get the second turret. When it’s destroyed, the red side should place the ward for protection.

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