ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals Preview: Top 10 Facts About The Season Participants

The ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals start tomorrow. And before the tournament kicks off, find out the most interesting stories about the participants of the qualifiers and their journeys on the way to the main event. Astralis, Na’Vi, Cloud9, fnatic, and others – all here in our top 10 facts about the teams who fought to earn their way into the ESL PL S9 Finals.


Top 10 facts


1. Na’Vi and BIG both played in the final stage of ESL Pro League Season 8, finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in the European qualifier. This time, they both failed to qualify for the main event.


2. Eight of the ESL Pro League Season 9 final stage participants also played in the final stage of Season 8: Astralis, North, HellRaisers, Mousesports, G2, MIBR, Team Liquid, and NRG. Only Astralis haven’t made any changes to their roster since last season.


3. s1mple and electronic are the 3rd (1.54 K/D / 1.35 Rating 2.0) and 6th (1.29 K/D / 1.29 Rating 2.0) best players, respectively, in the European qualifiers with 17 maps played. They are the only 2 players from the top 8 whose teams didn’t qualify. The best player in the European qualifier is rain (1.4 K/D / 1.4 Rating 2.0) with 7 maps played.


4. In the Round 2 Group B elimination match, Na’Vi lost to Heroic. In that match, s1mple went wild with an 82-42 K-D ratio(+40), but even that wasn’t enough. Right after that loss, Na’Vi replaced Edward with BoombI4 from Winstrike.

No Na’Vi at ESL Pro League Finals this time


5. In the Round 1 matchup between NiP vs. Heroic, f0rest put up even higher numbers – 95-55 (+43) K-D to win it 2:1. But that effort (1.22 rating during the Round 1 group stage) wasn’t enough for NiP to get any further in the tournament.


6. NRG replaced Damian “daps” Steele with Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz on June 11. But it was said that stanislaw “is not eligible to play” at ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals, so daps will lead NRG at the event. The situation is weird and it’s hard to believe that that turn of events won’t affect the team’s results at the event.


7. Cloud9 are also having difficulties going into ESL PL S9. Being one of the favorites in the NA Closed Qualifier to the Americas Minor, they lost their matches vs. New Identity and The Quest which knocked them out early. According to Timothy “autimatic” Ta’s and Will “Rush” Wierzba’s twitter accounts, that unexpected result had an extremely negative effect on the team.


8. It’s strange, but such big names as Astralis and Fnatic also come into this tournament trying to recover from their recent failures.


For Astralis, it was the ECS Season 7 Finals where they lost to FURIA twice in the group stage.


For fnatic, it was a poor performance at DH Masters Dallas 2019.


Astralis will try to take the first step toward reclaiming their #1 position in the world rankings


9. Oskar and lmbt might face their former organization, Mousesports, early in the tournament. That will happen if mouz and HellRaisers both win their opening matches against MIBR and Luminosity, respectively.


10. Richard “shox” Papillon goes into the final stage of ESL Pro League Season 9 married. She said “yes” on May 11, and on June 10, shoxie’s current and former teammates joined the ceremony and celebration party.


The elite of the French CS:GO scene



So many questions. All of those, along with the main one of who’s going to become a champion of ESL Pro League Season 9 will be answered in less than a week. Enjoy the tournament and stay tuned to for more educational and fun up-to-date content. Later.

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