ESL One: NY 2018 and BLAST Pro Series Tips and Tricks

Only a few days after FACEIT Major London 2018 ended, its participants, along with a few other teams, were already on their way to their next tournament.


Some went to the US for ESL One: New York, while others traveled to Turkey for BLAST Pro Series: Istanbul. Despite the short break between the tournaments, the teams managed to come up with new strats and tactics to perform their best. We collected a few of these for you, to continue our ‘tips and tricks’ series.


So, let’s get started.


1. The series continues with three smokes Cloud9 came up with to execute a fake B rush @ de_mirage.

Let’s see how those smokes were thrown, and then discuss the main idea of the round.


Execution by Player1 (CT’s B halls start):

– stand in the bottom right corner of T spawn with the trash bin behind you and the wall on the right, looking toward CT window;

– choose SG and set the SG model in the following way:

– find the two wooden beams on each side of the black window; choose the right beam;

– find the red spot on the bottom part of the beam and set the SG model’s top left triangle-shaped element right above it;

– using only your keyboard, move to the right corner of the map (your crosshair is finally set up — its center must be overlapping the wire);

– start moving forward using shift and execute a jumpthrow, when your crosshair crosses the wooden roof.


Execution by Player2 (left arch @ short):

– cross the manhole on your way from T spawn toward middle (it’s to the left of the stairs leading to the B halls) and stand on the line

– turn 90 degrees to the right, press up against the wall, pull your crosshair down and set it on the middle of the line;

– stand looking toward the B site and set your crosshair right under the ledge on the wall (to the left of the dark window) with your crosshair’s left dash touching the wooden beam, closest to the window;

– execute a jumpthrow.


Execution by Player3 (right arch @ short):

– move toward the B site, run up the stairs and stop, pressing against the right vertical wooden beam, sitting just behind the chair;

– set your crosshair onto the left side of the window frame and move it vertically up a few pixels higher than the top of the wall texture on the left;

– execute a jumpthrow.


Note: Right after the smoke move toward B halls and throw a flashbang over the wall texture toward the B site


Originally, this round was a true fast B split, with two players rushing B halls (or rushing short with the help of smokes as well) + Player1 and Player3 supporting them, right after they’re done with the smokes, through B halls.


As for the particular round Cloud9 executed vs Space Soldiers, the idea was to put the B site defenders under pressure from the very beginning of the round by totally isolating the B site with smokes, thereby convincing them that it was going to be a B site execution, which would make the A site defenders rotate toward the B site.


2. Zeus’ inaccurate molly at the B site at the beginning of the 12th round in NaVi vs Gambit match @ de_overpass appeared to be a perfect anti-boost molly if thrown by the Ts.



– move toward Monster and turn left right after passing by the stairs;

– jump onto the pallet and look toward TTK Bank sign;

– set your crosshair on the line, where the corner of the hut in the front meets the left wall;

– two medium crosshairs above the level of the door handle;

– take a short run-up and execute a jumpthrow.


Note: Calculate the timing precisely, to avoid the molly accidentally hitting the passing train overhead.


3. Two mollies from Astralis as T @ de_overpass are not that complicated, but are still useful.

They are thrown from the construction position to get a short time window for the B site execution by cutting off the CT(s) in the jungle and CT helppositions.

Even if the mollies are instantly denied via smokes, you distract the B site defenders from holding their correct angles, and get just enough time to slip into the planting area.


Execution by Player1 (CT help):

– press up, perpendicular to the concrete slope before the short ramp, so the crosshair can be aligned with the top wooden block’s right edge;

– turn toward CT help and set your crosshair on the left bottom corner of the vents.


Execution by Player2 (jungle):

– press up to the corner on the right of the pipe exit toward construction;

– look toward the graffiti;

– align your molly’s left corner with the bottom of the handrail’s shadow.


Release the mollies simultaneously.


4. In the previous series we saw how the top teams isolate pit @ de_inferno.

This time Astralis’ Dupreeh showed a way to isolate the opposite spot — the A site default, if you decide to focus the CT(s) in the pit first.



– secure CT mid and move toward alley, leaning toward the wall on the left, until you are in the corner;

– turn toward the A site default and set your crosshair on the left lion’s cowlick of his mane;

– execute a jumpthrow.


5. Virtus.Pro’s Snatchie found one more way to smoke the bike position in the pit @ de_inferno



– press up against the corner of red door’s porch at the alt mid;

– align your crosshair with the fan’s bracing and move it a little bit left;

– execute a jumpthrow.


6. The next smoke was part of Astralis’ strat as CT @ de_dust2, which exploited MIBR’s fast long execution. This macro adjustment showed how a single smoke can put you one step ahead of your opponent.

MIBR threw a smoke from T spawn toward long’s corner, to cut off the CT sniper’s view of long halls, and take long early in the round.



– move toward long and press up against the T spawn’s ledge, aligning the designed arch above the long halls entrance with the wall on the left;

– move your crosshair vertically up above the edge of the dark triangle (piece of the overhanging roof) and set it in the middle of plain part on the wall;

– execute a jumpthrow.


Having made an assumption about this MIBR’s strat, Astralis decided to retake long instantly.

As the T’s smoke cuts off the corner, magisk throws his own smoke against the pit’s ledge, which covers the gap between the first smoke’s edge and the pit, which allows him to take pit. Flashbangs from his teammates allow him to nade and pick his opponents in the long halls/blue box area.


7. While some players build antistrats for a long retake, twistzz from Team Liquid appeared to be a lifehacker, as he managed to prevent the T’s from taking long single-handedly with a molly, without even showing at the corner at long.



– The pole on the edge of the pit is round, so you need to take a run-up and throw your molly against it a little bit to the right of its center.


Finding the correct spot requires practice, as the angle of the ricochet varies depending on the exact spot you hit.

8. Sunny of mousesports showed that you can catch your opponents off guard if boosting toward the CT boost position in CT respawn, while taking mid, and cut-off the CT’s rotations.

To the left goes the smoke, to the right go the smoke and a molly.


9. Some time ago, we considered glaive’s flashbang toward de_nuke’s A site for the fast upper site execution to be the best, but s1mple has proved us wrong. The flashbang he threw in the match vs Gambit in the T’s pistol round seems to be faster and easier to throw.



– Move toward the T’s inside, standing up against the fence on the left, looking perpendicular at the glass of the open door;

– start moving your crosshair vertically up and stop after crossing two thirds of the corrugated wall;

– take a short run-up and execute a jumpthrow.


Note: You should break the right part of the left window on the roof.


Through the Wall

By devoting so much attention to utility usage and boosts, we almost forgot about spamming through walls. ChrisJ from mousesports clearly hadn’t forgotten though, showing some new tips as CT @ de_nuke.


TTW #1

If your team gave up on ramp due to the T’s push and you’re late to retake it from CT help, use these shots to deal some additional damage.



– to hit the T’s entering the ramp, align the right side of the yellow doorway with the left side of the doorway on the right, while standing at the CT’s building entrance.


The Scout deals approximately 40–45 damage, and the AWP — 60. To secure a kill you’ll need a headshot.


TTW #2

If you have information that the Ts are now in control of the B site, and one of them is in the corner at the former vent exit position (which is rather common), you can surprise him with the following spray through the wall.



– enter the vent from the long corridor, looking toward the B site, pick the left triangle of the second square section and spray in the middle of its bottom half.


Note: Rotate shortly after you’ve given away your position, as you can easily get sprayed back.

It’s done rather easily as well.



– Simply shoot in the middle of the first white square in the corner at the former bottom vent exit position.

TTW #3


Snax showed a rather important spray through the wall too. This time @ de_cache.

As you know, the shroud position at the A site is impossible to pick from T main. But Snax showed the right angle to pick a player in this position being behind the wall — at the blue door position.



– Move into the corner opposite of the door;

– stand on one of two perpendicular lines on the floor, closest to the corner, with your back against this wall;

– move your crosshair up and shoot in the middle of the top line of the square in the corner.



Even when you think that the search is over, there’s still so much more left to find.

To learn more about utility usage in CS:GO, check out our “Throw Like a Pro” series dedicated to some new strats from FACEIT Major London 2018.


Remember, even when you think that your search is over, there’s still so much more left to find. Keep following for more tips, and share your discoveries in the comments below.

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