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Efficient Communication: SoloQ

Solo/DuoQ is the most distinguished ranking mode, and sometimes we have to play matches alone. Luckily, there’s still some room for efficient communication—as long as you stick to some of our rules.


Use pings a lot. You’re most likely not in voice chat with any of your four other teammates, and typing out a message simply takes too long to bother. The basic pings you need are “Need help”, “On my way”, “Danger” and “Missing”—they cover a lot of things you’d probably want to say.


The fastest way to use pings is to hold down V and then draw a line toward one of the pings on the wheel. With a bit of practice, you’ll memorize your options in no time.


Bind the “Warded” ping. It’s a relatively new addition to League of Legends, and it’s not part of the chat wheel that’s been around for about 10 years. If you want to let teammates know that a certain area is warded, you have to use a separate button.


Over the years, players have discouraged allies against ganking through warded areas with the “Danger” pings. However, they may also indicate that you’re not in a position to receive a gank. The miscommunication can lead to you missing a sure kill. Bind one extra button, and net at least one extra win.


Time summoner spells. Nowadays, it’s very easy thanks to the alteration to the scoreboard. This is not just a courtesy to your teammates. When laying Jungle, I’m more likely to gank a lane that has provided me info on the missing summoner spiels.


In the bottom lane, Support is generally the one expected to time these spells. Remind it to your random ally while playing ADC and don’t make your ADC remind this to you.


Use text chat when you need to get on the same page. For example, if both Baron and the Elder Dragon spawning at about the same moment. Discuss which one are you going to prioritize and what the plan is if your enemies have the same plan.


Chat messages are also a good way to remind players that something pinged earlier may have been forgotten but is still relevant. Some Junglers won’t remember that your lane opponent doesn’t have his flash for another 30 seconds, but he certainly will know once you type it out for him.


Trick your allies into following up when necessary. Sometimes, the team does nothing because there aren’t two or more guys on the same page. Well, you can make it look like as if there are two guys.


This trick is based on the fact that simple alt+LMB clicks don’t reveal the name of the player. If you want to take the Baron, click the pit with alt+LMB and then use the “On my way” ping. This way, allies are much more likely to catch up.

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