ECS Season 7 Finals Preview: Top 10 Facts About The Participants

The Esports Championship Series Season 7 Finals kicks off tomorrow. Eight participants from the two strongest regions, Europe and North America, have made their way through qualifiers to reach the final stage. Who has a real chance of winning the tournament, and who’s more of a sparring partner for the favorites? Take a look at our infographics and the top 10 facts about the participants of ECS Season 7 to find out.


ECS s7 preview


Top 10 facts:


1. The last of the four tournament entries in each region was given to the first non-qualifying team with the most winnings. In Europe, the spot went to NiP and in North America, to MIBR.


2. Big names such as FaZe, Team Liquid, fnatic, mousesports, and G2 participated in the regular season but failed to qualify for the main event.


3. AVANGAR, Virtus.Pro, Luminosity Gaming, and Spacestation Gaming earned their regular season entries through the Challenger Cups and participated in all five qualifying series, but didn’t make it to the final stage.


4. Team Vitality and FURIA made their way to the finals through Challenger Cups.


5. The only option for MIBR to qualify for the main event was by total winnings, as they missed the first three qualifying series. They accomplished their mission by winning the last two qualifying series.


6. After losing the first qualifying series, Team Liquid found themselves in the same situation as MIBR. They reached the grand finals in both of the last two series but lost both of them to MIBR.


7. Spacestation Gaming lost all five opening matches: two to NRG and Team Liquid and one to FURIA.


8. The 15-year-old, Owen “oBo” Schlatter, replaced Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz on CompLexity’s roster two days before the start of ECS Season 7.


9. ECS S7 is the first LAN for Astralis since Blast Pro Series Madrid 2019 which was almost a month ago.


10. FURIA sits just 3 places behind MIBR in the’s world rankings. Seeing a  Brazilian derby would be awesome.


We, at, are looking forward to the start of the ECS Season 7 finals and will keep an eye out for any interesting matches or storylines. Stay tuned for more educational and fun content and enjoy the tournament. Later.


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