ECS Recap: Top 7 Storylines From The ECS Season 7 Finals

Team Vitality’s victory. Astralis’ choke. compLexity’s young talent. The ECS Season 7 Finals was full of surprises. Let’s take a closer look at the top 7 storylines from the tournament. Let’s go!


1. Both teams that made it to the Grand Final, FURIA and Vitality, began in Challenger Cups in March. What a satisfying way to close out an epic journey for both.


2. Well, for Team Vitality, it’s definitely more satisfying since they won ECS Season 7. Winning it netted them a sizeable check, $225,000.


The start of the match was more than promising for FURIA, as KSCERATO pulled off a 1v4 in the first round on Inferno.



But, that clutch didn’t prevent Vitality from winning Inferno 16:9 and then closing the door on FURIA by taking Overpass 16:4.


The French prodigy, ZywOo, deservedly earned his second MVP already this year.


His performance at the ECS S7 Finals (along with all of his performances in 2019) was mindblowing.



3. The ECS Season 7 Grand Final peaked at almost 189k viewers.


The Grand Final between FURIA and Team Vitality was the most viewed match of the event. The bo3 group stage match between Astralis and FURIA had only 3k viewers fewer at peak than the Grand Final – 186k.


ECS season 7 stats


4. FURIA managed to beat Astralis twice during the tournament. In both matches, they edged the Danes on their once-best map Nuke.


The first one was an opening bo1 match where the Brazilians managed to come back from 9:14 and finish it 16:14.


The second one was the third map in their bo3 decider match for a spot in the semifinals. This time, after changing sides at 6:9 and losing a pistol round, FURIA were in the driver’s seat all the way through the end of the map, finishing it at 16:13.


Astralis at ecs7

This time Astralis surprisingly didn’t make it to play-offs


Those two losses on Nuke extended the Danes’ losing streak to three. After a run of 31 consecutive wins, it seems that a few teams have figured Astralis out. Hopefully, they will recover soon and we’ll see the old Astralis we know and love.


5. Before the opening match between FURIA and Astralis, Brazilian poker pro, Andre Akkari, promised to get a panther tattoo if FURIA won it.


(ENG: If @furiagg wins vs @astralisgg in their first match in London, I’m going to get a panther tattoo. Agreed @jaimepadua and @crisguedes ?)


FURIA owners Cris Guedes and Jaime Padua didn’t hesitate to take him up on that offer.


(ENG: I absolutely agree.)


(ENG: Deal. Is my first tattoo going to be something about @furiagg?)


Then, this happened.



These moments are totally worth it. Now, we’re just all waiting for them to roll up their sleeves and keep their promise 🙂


6. NiP and MIBR both finished the tournament winless, at 0-2.


Facing teams like NRG and Astralis made the Swedes’ result relatively understandable. The same can’t be said about MIBR, who were considered one of the favorites of the ECS S7 Finals.


In their opening match vs. North on Inferno, they had a 14:3 lead on the T side. But North pulled it all the way back, leveling the score at 15:15. Then they showed their resilience by outlasting the Brazilians in triple OT, 25:23.


Winning the first half 12:3 along with the following pistol round wasn’t enough for MIBR to close out the match.


In their elimination match, MIBR lost to compLexity, who replaced their IGL, Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz, with the 15-year-old, Owen ‘oBo’ Schlatter, just two days before the tournament kicked off.


That’s not the kind of performance you expect from the Brazilians, who won two qualifiers in a row to get to ECS, both times beating Team Liquid in the finals.


It appears that MIBR aren’t out of the woods yet as they’re consistently inconsistent.


7. Youth takes the lead


As a bonus to beating MIBR, compLexity’s young stand-in, Owen ‘oBo’ Schlatter, was the second-best performer on the team in K/D at 1.13.


Considering the fact that it was his first LAN event and his team faced Team Vitality and MIBR, that’s an awesome result.


At his first LAN this young man didn’t crumble before legends like Fallen and NBK


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