The Platform’s update

DreamTeam Updates Beta

Not only does DreamTeam continues to evolve into the ultimate teambuilding and skill-growing platform but also continues to produce amazing content for the CS:GO and LoL community. Check out what’s been updated, added, created, and shared.


More Maps. More Practice Games.


DreamTeam Practice Games have been updated to include more 5v5, 4v4, 3v3, and 2v2 maps. More maps mean more practice. More practice means better skills. More skill… Yeah, yeah. We get it. Just check them out below.  


5v5: de_cobblestone added.


4v4 and 3v3: now include all of the 5v5 maps.


2v2: Cobblestone (B Bombsite), Inferno (A Bombsite), Lake, Overpass (B Bombsite), Rialto, Shortdust, Shortnuke, Train (A Bombsite). Vertigo (B Bombsite), Mirage (B Bombsite), Shortdust 2.



FACEIT Integration


It’s time to face the facts. Or, in our latest update, face the stats. When it comes to picking a teammate, everyone would love to be able to see more player stats. Well, now you can. DreamTeam has now integrated FACEIT stats directly into a Player’s Profile. Teams can even use FACEIT stats to search for a Player. Be warned: some stats are only searchable through Premium subscriptions.



Watch These!


We would like to remind you that DreamTeam now has its own kick-ass CS:GO YouTube channel. Check it out here. Be sure to check out the ZywOo video. It’s fire. Don’t blame us for the time you waste watching it over and over. And over.



And For Those Who Just Like To Read


We have produced some pretty sick articles in the last week. May I recommend two? First up, it’s our “Stars in Unreasonably Priced Cars” article. Take a ride with us as we explore which CS:GO stars would drive which cars based on their playstyles.


Next up, our “Tweak To Win: Client Settings” article. Want to learn how to gain an advantage in LoL without spending a dime or much time? Of course, you do.  Oh, did you think we were going to tell you here? Click the link. It’s simple. Click. Read. Follow. Improve. Hug. Win. Hug. Cry. Hug. Ok, that’s enough hugging. You have games to play.



And now for our weekly GIF:



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