DreamHack Dallas Recap: Top 5 Facts About The Tournament

DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 was a historic event. Do you want to know why? Check out the top 5 facts about the tournament that we neatly packaged up for you. Let’s go!


1.  Team Liquid became the DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 champion after beating ENCE in the Grand Final 2:1.


But they are still yet to receive their trophy. As the tournament organizers explained on their twitter, United Parcel Service – the American package delivery and supply chain management company – lost the original tournament trophy.



However, Team Liquid was awarded a new one along with a great addition to it: a personalized ring for each member of the team.



It’d be cool if Major winners received something like that, don’t you think?


2.  Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski got his first ever MVP award at DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019.


Usually, we expect to see NAF and Twistzz collecting that kind of hardware, but this tournament was EliGe’s time to shine. He managed a >1 K/D ratio in 10 of 11 games in Dallas with an average rating of 1.24. Well, Team Liquid will need him to be at his peak soon, as the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals is only two weeks from now.



 3. Vertigo wasn’t played a single time. The competitive map pool newcomer wasn’t even left as a decider map for once.



If this trend continues, Vertigo might be replaced with the reworked Cache, as FMPONE, one of Cache’s creators, announced, the work is 100% finished. So, let’s wait a bit, and time will tell.


4.  The DH Dallas Grand Final peaked at 232k viewers.


The Grand Final between ENCE and Team Liquid was the most-viewed match at the event. The two semifinals, ENCE vs. FaZe Clan and Team Liquid vs. FURIA, had two times fewer viewers at peak – both managed to reach just the 120k mark. Imagine what the numbers would have been like had Astralis attended this event and faced ENCE or Team Liquid in the final.



5.  Team Liquid earned enough points to become the #1 ranked team according to HLTV.org.


Winning DreamHack Masters Dallas gave TL enough points to replace Astralis, who have been in 1st for the last 406 days, since April 23, 2018. The rating update will happen at 7 pm CEST today.



However, Astralis will have a chance to return to the top of the ranking soon, as they can earn significant rating points in the ECS Season 7 Finals, which starts on June 6. The competition at the top is fierce right now!


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Credits to: HLTV.org, egamesworld.com, escharts.com, twitter.com/DreamHackCSGO

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