Draft: Third Rotation

The first pick is locked in, the opponents reply to it with two of their own, and here you are again choosing two champions. Don’t sweat it. We’re still here to help.

If the enemy didn’t make getting the other half of a power duo impossible, get the second part. Sometimes their drafter doesn’t get wind of a first pick Lucian and leaves Braum free. Should it happen, picking Braum is a no-brainer.


This situation sounds very sweet on paper but happens very seldom. Don’t build your draft around possibly snatching two champions when opponents can ban three characters and pick two more.


Grab a whole new power duo. Some champions have great synergy while not being regarded high enough to be banned or stolen before the third rotation. You can secure both characters, although it may reveal a lot about your game plan and lane distribution.


The best example is Xayah and Rakan. Nowadays, the devs often tweak both to make them reasonable, so you will be able to enhance their moderate strength with unique ability synergy.


Keep flexing. There are times when you have multiple A-tier champions that can go to multiple lanes. Make the most of that, and grab two flex picks so that enemies won’t know much before the second batch of bans.


An extreme 9.4 example would be the trio of Jarvan IV (Top/Jungle), Jayce (Top/Mid), and Cassiopeia (Mid/ADC). You may prefer to avoid picking all of them in one game, but if you do, your opponents will definitely be confused.

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