What Is It?


The “Cooldown” skill shows how often you get killed while reloading or switching weapons, and is connected with shooting as well as weapon and map awareness.


Why Improve It?


Losing head’s up firefights regularly means you must work on aspects of your shooting, such as aim and accuracy. But there’s always a percentage of times you get killed due to self-inflicted mistakes, based on different factors (reaction, positioning, etc).


One of these mistakes is badly timing your weapon’s “cooldown”.


Quite often, players commit to a fight with an opponent and forget about the different angles they can be spotted and killed from. They fire their whole clip, start reloading their weapon and get dropped by another opponent, who’s standing somewhere near. This happens because your opponent can predict the approximate reload timing; he hears the sound of you reloading as well.


Often players are forced into these situations, are unable to disengage, and get caught in a crossfire. But sometimes, they simply make a mistake due to unattentiveness, unawareness of the map, or laziness on checking angles.


Same mistakes happen when there’s a blooming smoke that cuts off vision, or while spraying through a texture. Again: a player sprays the most of his clip into the smoke trying to hit someone and gets caught off guard by an opponent coming out of the smoke or from around the corner.


Another situation is when a player miscalculates the timing of his opponents’ rotations and doesn’t expect his opponent to come from behind.


A rarer mistake, but still possible, is when a player reloads his weapon after shooting only a few bullets.


As for the second point, it is rather common for players to switch weapons (aka “q-q”-ing) at an inopportune time during a fight or due to boredom while holding an angle when the opponent is about to step into the middle of your crosshair and gift your team a kill. This aspect is easy to notice when your secondary weapon is a CZ, as it has a long switch time. The simpler, but still common mistake, is taking the risk of crossing some unsecured area with a knife in hand and becoming an easy target for your opponent.


Improving this skill will decrease the number of times you get killed due to reloading or switching your weapon.


How To Improve It?


To improve this skill, pay attention to these instructions:

– Process all the information provided by your teammates about your opponents’ rotations so you’re aware of their possible positions, and try to predict rotations and actions
– Try to recognize the opponents’ action patterns, which signal that you’re being baited
– Except in extreme cases, use an extra second or two to peek corners and check angles
– If you’re not totally sure if the area behind the smoke, behind the wall, or around the corner is clear, use one-taps and burst fires in your fights and for spraying through; do not waste all the bullets in your clip with one spray, as in this scenario your opponent can easily catch you off-guard.
– Cooperate with your teammates to set up crossfires, which provide mutual help.
– Get into fights while in a position from which you can still retreat quickly
– Pay attention to the number of bullets left in your clip
– Don’t reload your weapon after shooting only several bullets in a potentially dangerous situation.
– Don’t switch between your weapons in a potentially dangerous situation.


The highlighted aspects are crucial to decreasing the number of mistakes related to weapon reloading and switching. And keep in mind that improving a single skill while ignoring the rest won’t get you to the top. Becoming a Pro in CS:GO is about mastering a large set of hard and soft skills, such as positioning, cooperation, utility usage, communication, etc. If you develop all of these, you’ll be on your way to becoming the best.

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