Climbing Trends League of Legends

Climbing Trends: Learning Curve

League of Legends has always been easy to learn and hard to master. Some champions show insane win rate spikes once players are 50 ranked games in with them. Let’s see exactly how it happens with some of the champions.


League of Legends Champion


Tahm Kench


The River King wins 44% of Platinum+ games on average, but dedicated mains make him work 59.4% of the time. This is the second biggest delta, which is impressive given that the champion is less than four years old.


What separates good Tahm Kenches from great Tahm Kenches is the use of W and R. You have to save squishies with Devour in an extremely well-timed manner and set up successful flanks with Abyssal Voyages. Otherwise, the champion’s just not worth picking.


Items: Remnant of the Aspect->Knight’s Vow/Locket of the Iron Solari->Locket of the Iron Solari/Knight’s Vow


Abilities: Q>W>E


Runes: Guardian->Demolish>Bone Plating->Overgrowth; Magical Footwear->Approach Velocity


Taric League of Legends




Your average Taric comes out victorious 50.9% of the time; your seasoned Taric is sitting at 63.9%. This is the second highest veteran win rate, and you can really boost your rank if you win this often.


While it’s important to aim your stuns and time the invincibility from the ult, enemy composition means just as much. Taric is much more efficient against AD champions, and I advise thinking twice before picking him into two or even three AP threats.


Items: Remnant of the Aspect->Zeke’s Convergence->Locket of the Iron Solari/Knight’s Vow


Abilities: E>Q>W


Runes: Guardian->Font of Life>Bone Plating->Revitalize; Biscuit Delivery->Cosmic Insight


Rek’Sai League of Legends




The average Rek’Sai win rate is 50.4%, while seasoned players win 10% more often. Ivern and Nunu are the only Junglers with higher veteran win rates, but the numbers are distorted by a low number of mains and a recent rework, respectively.


Rek’Sai amplifies the player’s sense of the macro. If you have rough estimates of who’s where, you’re likely to track them with W and ambush them. When it comes to this champion, your feel of the game is actually more important than your ability usage.


Items: Enchantment: Warrior->The Black Cleaver->Sterak’s Gage/Guardian Angel


Abilities: E>Q>W


Runes: Conqueror->Triumph>Legend: Alacrity->Coup de Grace; Absolute Focus->Waterwalking




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