League of legends playoffs

Global Playoffs Mayhem

This weekend had a lot of Spring Split finals, so we know almost every 2019 Mid-Season Invitational participant. Dive in to find out about how the teams got here.   Europe     G2...

Quiz: Worst Records

Misery loves company. So join us in answering these quiz questions about the worst records in LoL.   

Simple Pick: Annie

LCK caster, Nick “LS” De Cesare, prescribes most players the Annie treatment, and it’s for a good reason. She’s a good champion which allows you to focus on everything but actually playing the champion....

Efficient Communication: Team

We talked about playing alone, we talked about playing with a friend—now it’s time for efficient communication in a five-man premade. Trust me, even your play-for-fun group of buddies will benefit from this guide....

Strat From Pro: Sneaky FB With Rakan

Last week, Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle of G2 Esports showed us a great way to boost a teammate that is not laning with you. His Rakan wits secured first blood before the minion waves collided....

Bot Lane Revolution

Thanks to a European player outside of the pro scene, the hottest bot lane combo now doesn’t feature an ADC. In both Ranked and competitive play, it’s all about the Sona+Taric combo that is...

Google Translate Quiz

Google translate something into 8 different languages and then back to the original. That’s what we did to give you this quiz.  
Shaco_Guide League of legends

Tilt To Win: Shaco Guide

April Fool’s Day may be behind us, but we’ve still got a clown worth your attention. Shaco fills a wonderful niche of playing to tilt your opponents, and we’re taking that angle with him....

Rising Pick: Vi

Over the past few patches, Vi has only been going up and is now bordering on S-tier for Junglers. Here’s a brief look at her.   Vi is an elite duelist. As a result,...
Efficient_Communication__solo q

Efficient Communication: SoloQ

Solo/DuoQ is the most distinguished ranking mode, and sometimes we have to play matches alone. Luckily, there’s still some room for efficient communication—as long as you stick to some of our rules.   Use...
Patch notes league of legends

9.7 Patch Notes

As usual, Riot Games have announced the upcoming changes to the game shortly before upgrading the live servers. Although some people may get upset, these are all I’ve dreamed about.   Champions   Graves...