Gamebending Draven Strat

Last week, amateurs and pros alike noticed a strat that makes Draven earn the champion kill bounty without actually slaying a player. The abnormal mechanic will be fixed with Patch 9.9, which means we...
Guess_the_Team_from_Player_Nationalities quiz

Quiz: Guess The Team From Player Nationalities

You may feel like this is a UN roll call, but it’s really just a quiz to see how well you know a team just from its players’ nationalities. Get after it, you Geography...

Tricks From Pros: Fake Flash

In the Turkish Champions League finals, Thomas “Kirei” Yuen reminded us of a simple, yet, effective move with Flash. He pretended to jump in one direction while sticking to the other and survived a...
League of legends playoffs

Global Playoffs Mayhem

This weekend had a lot of Spring Split finals, so we know almost every 2019 Mid-Season Invitational participant. Dive in to find out about how the teams got here.   Europe     G2...

Quiz: Worst Records

Misery loves company. So join us in answering these quiz questions about the worst records in LoL.   

Simple Pick: Annie

LCK caster, Nick “LS” De Cesare, prescribes most players the Annie treatment, and it’s for a good reason. She’s a good champion which allows you to focus on everything but actually playing the champion....

Efficient Communication: Team

We talked about playing alone, we talked about playing with a friend—now it’s time for efficient communication in a five-man premade. Trust me, even your play-for-fun group of buddies will benefit from this guide....

Strat From Pro: Sneaky FB With Rakan

Last week, Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle of G2 Esports showed us a great way to boost a teammate that is not laning with you. His Rakan wits secured first blood before the minion waves collided....

Bot Lane Revolution

Thanks to a European player outside of the pro scene, the hottest bot lane combo now doesn’t feature an ADC. In both Ranked and competitive play, it’s all about the Sona+Taric combo that is...

Google Translate Quiz

Google translate something into 8 different languages and then back to the original. That’s what we did to give you this quiz.  
Shaco_Guide League of legends

Tilt To Win: Shaco Guide

April Fool’s Day may be behind us, but we’ve still got a clown worth your attention. Shaco fills a wonderful niche of playing to tilt your opponents, and we’re taking that angle with him....