Logo csgo teams

CS:GO Team Logos Quiz

How well do you know CS:GO team logos? Let’s see if you can Ace this quiz or if you’re a potato. Take it and let us know in the comments if you breezed past...
How To Win Pistol Rounds: Top 5 Pistol Strats in CSGO

How To Win Pistol Rounds: Top 5 Pistol Strats

Even after the huge economy updates in CS:GO, the pistol round remains one of the most important aspects of the game. So here you go – a compilation of the top 5 pistol rounds...
Blast Pro series CSGO quiz

Blast Pro Series Quiz

Blast Pro Series Madrid 2019 is underway, and we decided to test your knowledge of the history of BPS events. Take our Quiz, and give us your best guess.

Vertigo Match Breakdown

DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro 2019 was the first CS:GO event for DreamHack of the year. Its lineup wasn’t particularly interesting, it had no teams from the top 10. But, it was an important...

IEM Sydney 2019 Preview

“I still believe in heroes” – Nick Fury Six of them come to the stage, but they play as one. As a hero. With that in mind, I decided to match my top 10...

Simplified Flows And Time Control

The title of this article sounds like this update is right out of an Avengers film. As cool as that would be, it simply isn’t the case. In this update announcement, we’ll discuss updates...

Quiz: Coaches in CS:GO

Take our “CS:GO Coaches” quiz to find out how well you know the people whose work is mostly done behind the scenes.  

Blast Pro Series Miami Preview

It’s time to see some of that Miami heat. We’re not talking about the scorching sun of South Florida or the local NBA team’s game, but the hot CS:GO games at Blast Pro Series...
The_Replay_Viewer_is_Here_and_it’s_Glorious csgo

The Replay Viewer Is Here And It’s Glorious!

The DreamTeam Analytics Tool is already making waves in the CS:GO community, and with good reason. What could be better than a free tool that breaks down every aspect of your CS:GO game and...

Vertigo: Map Overview And Brand New Tactics

Vertigo is a new map in the competitive map pool of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which Valve added to active duty on March 28. The action takes place on top of a skyscraper which is...

Top 5 Retake Smokes On Cache: B Site

You already know how to block A main with smokes during an A-site retake on Cache. So let’s switch to the B site and find out how and where you need to throw your smokes...