call of duty Modern Warfare Patch Notes

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Patch Notes

The latest set of Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch notes rebalances some weapons and makes in-game footsteps more (or less) logically loud. Developer Infinity Ward has been working on getting the sound effects for movement just right, rewarding players who crouch down and move slowly with footsteps that are harder for enemies to hear. However, the internal logic for who hears which type of footsteps in-game was a little overcomplicated, so the studio simplified it.


Read the full list of Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch notes below:


General Fixes


– More backend fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability across all modes and all platforms.


Riot Shield


– Fix for a bug where a player using the Riot Shield would not take explosive damage during certain situations;

– Fixed an issue where the Riot Shield would stow on the players back when using Stim (Tactical).




– Adjusted walk footstep sounds when in ADS and crouch independent of speed;

– Increased the speed in which you can remain using the walk footstep sounds by slightly pressing on the movement stick.




– General fix for the UI and Challenge state becoming out of sync. We’ll continue to monitor and make additional fixes as needed in future updates;

– Fix for a challenge related error that sometimes occurred; DEV ERROR 5476;

– Fix for Mission Challenge description, “Get Kills with a Burst Weapons” being too vague.




– Spawn tuning while playing TDM and Domination;

– Domination flag adjustments; B Flag is now near the busses instead of the center fountain.




– Detonating an enemy claymore with bullets is now non-lethal when at full health;

– The trigger and damage radius has also been reduced, and the damage width has been reduced to better match the trigger width.


Battle chatter


– Removed the ability for enemies to hear when they’ve been called out by the opposing team. Enemy callouts have been adjusted, so they are never from your Operator;

– Enemy callouts now use a more restricted cone at the hip and even more restricted in ADS when calculating whether or not to trigger;

– This will continue to be monitored, and additional tweaks to Battle Chatter will be made in future updates.




– Slight increase to recoil while mounting.




– E.O.D. now clamps damage to a non-lethal amount, assuming the player is at full health.




– Continued updates to player visibility in dark windows and dark areas.




– The occlusion percentage has been increased to filter footstep sounds behind geometry and adjust the footstep volume at a distance;

– Another significant footstep change is coming in the next update, which will make the crouch and ADS movement significantly quieter.




– ARs: Minor hip spread adjustment;

– 725: Reduce range;

– M4: increase hip spread, decrease damage to the head;

– FAL: Reduced recoil, increased ADS speed;

– EB-14: Increase ADS speed;

– Miscellaneous ammo reserve adjustments upon spawning to be in-line with other weapons of their class.


Special Operations


– Fixed a bug where a player using the Overkill perk with an SMG as their secondary would sometimes spawn without a primary weapon when joining a match in progress;

– There are also some general fixes to help improve the game’s stability and prevent crashes “across all modes and platforms,” as well as some tweaks to Challenges helping keep the UI and Challenge state in sync. The patch also modifies a Mission Challenge’s description: “Get Kills with a Burst Weapons [sic]” – which the devs say was a little “too vague”;

– Beyond this, the Riot Shield received a couple of fixes, resolving bugs where players wielding it (sometimes) didn’t take explosive damage, and where the Shield would “stow on the player’s back when using Stim. (Tactical)”; 

– Plus, footsteps received adjustments: the game now always players footstep sounds “when in ADS and crouch independent of speed,” and it looks like the speed threshold for walking while using the “walk footstep sounds” has increased, though it’s not totally clear from the notes.


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