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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Maps Guide

One of the things you need to do whenever you jump into a new Call of Duty game is familiarise yourself with the layout of all the Modern Warfare maps. As always, there’s a bunch of them. From larger maps designed for Ground War to the tiny Gunfight arenas used in 2v2 matches, here are all of the 23 Modern Warfare maps.


Modern Warfare Maps




Gunfight begins with two teams on opposite sides of the small map. You don’t pick your weapon loadout—the mode decides that for you, so players will have a different set of weapons every match. When the round begins, the two teams face off. There’s no healing or reviving in Gunfight. It’s kill or be killed.




Docks MAP warfare call of duty


The Docks is a small port for boats, which both have open and closed spaces. This map also features some elevated areas that help you gain the elevation advantage against enemies in certain combat situations.




pine MAP warfare call of duty


Pine is a very close-quarter map with raised clubhouses from which you can snipe. Use these to your advantage and try to blend in with the dull wooden boards and cars.




stack MAP warfare call of duty


There’s lots of visual debris in Stack that you can hide behind. While the map is seriously tiny, the verticality and hiding spots can lead to some tense cat-and-mouse matches. Have one player scope the map from the elevated platform while the other charges in to deal close-quarters damage.




Hill MAP warfare call of duty


The Hill is one big open area with barely any breathing space to rest. There are no buildings around with the closest thing to cover is a small trench.




KING MAP warfare call of duty


King is a map inside a warehouse that has been converted into a mock combat zone. On the eastern and western end is a hallway-like wooden building that allows for closed traversal from one end of the map to the other. 




Speedball_Alpha_Gunfight MAP warfare call of duty


Speedball takes place on the barbed wire-ringed training ground, and it is extremely close quarters. This map is a lot like King and rewards quick movement and instant tactics. Don’t bother hiding or rushing in. Just pray that you see the enemy first. 


Gulag Showers


Gulag MAP warfare call of duty


The Gulag Showers is a grimy little Gunfight map with one long midsection, but with little verticality. Try not to run through the middle right at the start, or else you’ll be wiped out by a corner camper.


Multiplayer maps 6v6 and 10v10


Below are the Quick Play maps, which involves the following modes: Team Deathmatch, Cyber Attack, Domination, Search and Destroy, Headquarters, TDM 20 Player, and DOM 20 Player. You can filter the game modes to your choosing. You’ll also see these maps if you pick Free-For-All or Realism in the multiplayer menu.


Aniyah Palace


Aniya palace MAP warfare call of duty


Aniyah Palace is a medium-sized map in Modern Warfare that sees a small outski of buildings surround a destroyed palace. At one point, perhaps before the war, this place was grand, but it seems that consistent firefights have turned it into a battle zone.


Azhir Cave


azhir cave MAP warfare call of duty


Of all the maps in the game, Azhir Cave is one of the more challenging to understand and control. It features an extensive network of caves with multiple levels, buildings dotted around the map with first and second floors, and a trench-like pathway that extends from one end of the map to the other.


There are a lot of ways to get where you’re trying to go, and this translates into there always being a chance someone will take you out from behind. Because of this, you should always stay mobile on this map.


Akrlov Peak


Arklov peak MAP warfare call of duty


Arklov Peak is a medium-sized, snow-laden map. There’s an important area with a monument in the middle between the windmill and the palace/church structure where you can sit on either side and pick off enemies. The ruined house split in two by the tanks is also a good camping spot.


Euphrates Bridge


euphrates bridge MAP warfare call of duty


Based on the multiplayer trailer, Euphrates Bridge features a large bridge that players can explore. It has both high and low areas that players can use to their advantage, along with open areas that will be useful for snipers.


Grazna Raid


grazna raid MAP warfare call of duty


To play best on this map, you should stick to the outer perimeters. It’s dotted with buildings that provide great coverage when moving from objective to objective, and if you’re focused on taking out enemies, the second stories present in almost every building work great.


Gun Runner


GunRunner MAP warfare call of duty


Gun Runner is an entertaining map set in an industrial basin. While being quite small geographically, there are patches of no man’s land where snipers can lay waste to others. Use the murky shaded areas near the furnaces in the industrial zone to surprise enemies and take note of the climbable crates littered around the map.


Hackney Yard


hackney yard MAP warfare call of duty


Hackney Yard is a map that features several buildings that you can enter. Structures here have several different uses. You will be able to snipe, lie in wait, and if you’re creative, even use these buildings to flank unsuspecting enemies! You should avoid the middle lane at all times. It’s wide and has virtually no cover. The warehouse has a small second-story hallway and window that works great for putting pressure on enemies spawning on that end of the map.




Picadilly MAP warfare call of duty


Piccadilly Circus is lit up by the neon hue of the famous signage, but all the action takes place around the monument in the middle. Use the clothing stores to get the high ground on the action, or try the subway station entrance and exits that link each side of the map to get behind your enemies.




rammaza MAP warfare call of duty


Rammaza is Modern Warfare’s ode to Counter-Strike: it’s a tight, well-designed series of dangerous funnels into an open area where snipers thrive. Try to avoid the pitfalls in the busy midsection by taking elevated routes and note the great camping spot between two upturned train cars.


St. Petrograd


st petrograd MAP warfare call of duty


St. Petrograd is basically St. Petersburg. It follows a small portion of the landscape from the famous city to create an urban map of open buildings and streets. If sniping isn’t your thing, you’re going to want to stick to the map’s inner sections made up of buildings train cars. Almost every building on this map has a second floor that can be reached by stairs and by windows, so if you’re planning to camp up high, utilize claymores and other trigger-based explosives to keep your back covered.


While up high, pay attention to the ground below and the other buildings as well.


Ground War


There are two Ground War specific maps, and both are much, much larger than any of the maps you’ll find in other playlists. This is because each Ground War match can have up to 64 players, for some 32v32 action. Imagine that on Azhir Cave…


Karst River Quarry



The River Quarry is a large map that features several closed and open spaces. This map also allows you to use vehicles to cover ground faster. The main middle compound and the bridge in between are the perfect places in which to squad up and take a corner. Hanging around on the rooftops is ill-advised unless you have a rocket launcher with which to shoot birds out of the sky.


Tavorsk Bridge


tavorsk district MAP warfare call of duty.png


Tavorsk District is a large urban area with large buildings, tight alleyways, and wide-open roads. The design allows the map to cater to several different playstyles and combat situations. Keep your head up and watch the tops of buildings for sniper muzzle flashes and RPGs. Also, group up to raid the stairs and take down the enemies that may be up top. Equally, lay down claymores to protect your position if you’re trying to control a rooftop.




All of the above maps can be found in the Realism playlist, along with the following night versions of specific maps. Realism mode removes the in-game HUD to increase multiplayer immersion and offers a selection of exclusive maps that are night versions of their normal multiplayer counterparts. The same tips apply as listed above, just make sure you watch your corners with more care than usual.


Azhir Cave (Night)


azhir cave night MAP warfare call of duty


Azhir Cave (Night) features the same layout and design as Azhir Cave. However, it has lower visibility due to the time of day. It may require Night Vision Goggles to see what is going on effectively!


Gun Runner (Night)


gun runner night MAP warfare call of duty


Gun Runner (Night) has the same layout as Gun Runner — the only difference is the time of day! Given that it’s night, you’ll need to use Night Vision Goggles to get around the map.


Hackney Yard (Night)


hackney yard night MAP warfare call of duty


Same map layout as with Hackney Yard, just darker, requiring the need to use Night Vision Goggles to navigate the map.


Rammaza (Night)


rammaza night MAP warfare call of duty


The Rammaza (Night) map is the Rammaza, but with lower visibility due to it being set at night. There’s no difference between the map layouts whatsoever.


The maps in Modern Warfare have been designed in such a way that there is almost always an additional point of entry. If the stairs are too dangerous or blocked, take a lap around the building, and you’ll likely find a stack of crates that you can use to climb into a second-story window. As you play the game, you’ll learn more and more about where these additional points of entry are located. 


The more you play, the better you’ll get. So, be sure to find the best teammates on! See ya there 😉

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