Boosted No More

In the world of esports, things change quickly. Often, what is popular one moment is no longer popular the next. Those “not popular anymore” things are often cast aside and forgotten, as will be the case here. However, not without a proper send-off.


DreamTeam is both proud and sad to announce the retirement of the Booster feature. Starting on November 12, 2018, Boosters will no longer be available on the DreamTeam platform.


Working with DreamTeam has been, well, a dream come true. As the platform got more and more popular, more and more players used Boosters. My arms could no longer keep up with lifting all of those profiles and vacancies. It is time to step down and let the new features take over. To the Players and Team Owners, it was a fun ride. — Boosters

So, we at DreamTeam, tip our hats to you. You will always have the top position in our hearts.



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