Blast Pro Series Miami Preview

It’s time to see some of that Miami heat. We’re not talking about the scorching sun of South Florida or the local NBA team’s game, but the hot CS:GO games at Blast Pro Series going down this weekend. As usual, RFRSH brought in six teams to play for a share of the $250,000 prize pool and to be called “champion”. Let’s find out which teams have reasonable odds of winning the tournament, and which ones will be more like sparring partners for the eventual champions.






Na’Vi are definitely well prepared. Winning StarSeries & i-League Season 7 in confident fashion, and reaching second in the rankings just nails it down. S1mple and electronic are on fire. The team is working as a well-oiled machine. It wouldn’t be at all shocking to see the CIS powerhouse go deep in the tournament and even, possibly, walk away with their second trophy in a row.


However, consistency (except for in the summer of 2018, when they won three tournaments) has never been Natus Vincere’s strong suit. Also, the raid boss – Astralis – will be in Miami to defend their recent BPS dominance. Hopefully, that doesn’t give us a tournament in which all other teams are just fighting for second.


I’m looking forward to seeing Na’Vi at their best, and let’s bear witness to this clash of the titans.


Prediction: If all their mental barriers are gone, they’ll go all the way in Miami: 1st place


Team Liquid

Team Liquid CS:GO

Team Liquid got majorly burned at the Major, and learned a good lesson from that. They showed skill, confidence, and guts in Sao Paulo, drawing with ENCE and fought valiantly before dropping matches against Astralis in both the group stage and in the final.


They’re definitely playing at a fairly high level now, and Cloud9, MIBR, and FaZe Clan don’t seem like threats to the NA squad. Nitr0, EliGe, Twistzz, NAF, and Stewie2K are great performers and are in terrific form. But still, I’m not so sure if the combo of their “winner’s qualities and skills” will be enough to slow the Na’Vi machine and, ultimately, defeat the seemingly invincible Astralis. They need a secret ingredient. Will they be able to find it?


Prediction: A confident top3 with the potential of placing 2nd or even 1st



Astralis CS:GO

Nothing lasts forever.

At some point, somewhere, somehow, someone will stop them.

It’s not possible to win all the time.


But, I say the same thing before every tournament and the Danish side keeps making me eat my words. In Miami, they will have the eager, confident, and fully capable Na’Vi and Team Liquid sides as their main competition. Also, by Xyp9x’s own admission, the BPS tournament veto system makes it harder for Astralis to prepare. If anything causes changes to plans and requires adjustments, mistakes can happen. At BPS Miami, there are two teams who can definitely use that to their advantage.


Whatever the circumstances, Astralis remains the favorite of any tournament they attend. I just hope the games they participate in will be suspense-filled and interesting.


Prediction: They’ll either win it all or lose in the final








Cloud9 keeps experimenting. At the moment, the CS:GO lineup looks more like Frankenstein’s monster, than a team. Flusha and kioShiMa departing created a void that needed to be filled in a short time. First, C9 brought Golden back into the active roster. Secondly, they brought in vice on a trial basis. Signing cajunb was their third and final step. Also,  hiring the team’s new coach, Rambo, was just icing on the cake.


With the current state of affairs, a recent reshuffle and the fact that all their opponents are in the top10, the C9 experiment won’t find much success this time around. However, the team is still in the perfect position: no expectations, no pressure, just test out to see what they’re capable of doing.


Prediction: One win at best



Mibr CS:GO

It might sound over-dramatic, but it’s really now or never here. The honeymoon period is over, and fans haven’t seen any signs of significant progress. Placing 5th-8th at WESG 2018, finishing last out of six teams during the previous Blast Pro Series on their home turf (losing every single map there, including the stand-off), and the 12th-14th place at the recent StarSeries & i-League Season 7 hasn’t been good enough. I can only imagine this is the exact opposite of what type of results the team had expected. They are even worse than the ones they had during the time of “language issue,” back when Tarik and Stewie2k were on the roster.


There’s always a shred of hope and, the timing is perfect for everything to come together. With that said, at the moment, I have no idea what Zews and the team can change to turn this  situation around.


Prediction: One-two wins and a bottom two finish


FaZe Clan

Faze CS:GO

Winning the ELEAGUE Invitational is already a distant memory, and the all-star team has been struggling of late.


YNk seemed to set the stage and to have finally moldeda team out of five individually strong performers. However, structure is still lacking a huge component, an IGL. Niko is doing his best, but the IGL duties take away from his individual performance (Yet, even in these circumstances, he did amazingly well at the Major, ECS Season 7 Europe Week 1, and StarSeries & i-League Season 7).


He’s put great effort into playing positions he has rarely played, and communicating in English, but AdreN has been really underperforming. Something appears to have happened to Olofmeister: by his own admission, it was his team that carried him to his 14th consecutive legend status.


Will FaZe have solved all of these issues by the start of BPS Miami? There seems to be too much to do all at once.


Prediction: A 3rd or 4th-place result is likely

Now let’s grab some popcorn and get ready for some top-notch action. We’ll find out the champion’s name in two days, so stay tuned for our Sunday review of BPS Miami on

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