Best Ways To Practice Your Aim

– What a flick-shot!

– I can’t believe that 180 no-scope headshot!

– …and he’s spraying down four!


You hear these phrases describing ungodly shots in tournament broadcasts all the time. And while the casters bring these plays to life, players dream of replicating these flicks, sprays, and 180s.


If you’re one of them, keep reading to discover the most effective ways to improve your aiming skills.




When you make the decision to start mastering something, you must come prepared. In this paragraph, we’ll briefly highlight the foundation on which you should start building your aim. Global aspects go first.


1. The daily regimen, diet, and physical activity


Fine-tune the combination of these three correctly, and you’ll be ready physically and emotionally.

– Try going to bed at the same time every day, and the same goes for waking up. Get a good night’s sleep by: avoiding eating three hours before or drinking coffee, tea or soda six hours before going to bed, ventilate your room, remove all your tech an hour before going to bed, turn off anything that emits light or distracting sounds (close the windows tightly, try using a blindfold and earplugs).

Make sure you get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients from the food you eat. Don’t eat at least an hour prior to training; it negatively affects your reaction speed.

Develop physically by alternating your training with other types of activities: walking outside, running, or going to the gym can have a tremendous impact.


2. Technical component


Get your equipment set up correctly. Make sure that you sit in the same comfortable position every time with your mouse perfectly configured (DPI, OS and in-game sensitivity, acceleration removed).


NiP REZ recommends setting your mouse sensitivity in the following way:

– Shoot at the wall once.

Strafe around, trying to keep your crosshair on the bullet hole


When you feel that your crosshair doesn’t deviate from the spot (you’re capable of holding the crosshair in the same place regardless of your movement), your sensitivity is set.


Choose your video settings (resolution, widescreen or black bars etc.) accordingly. Experiment to find the most comfortable ones and try sticking to them. It will definitely take some time to figure out all the right settings, but when it’s done, your muscle memory will thank you for that.


And now, when all your preparation’s done, we can get down to training your aim.


Practicing Your Aim


People often talk about aiming as a single skill, but it’s more of a complex web of skills. Here are the different ways of improving each part (each one separately or in combination).


1. Aim hero


The slogan for this software is “An ultimate solution for practicing firing accuracy to do better in FPS games”, and it can be bought via the Steam platform for $4.99.


It’s common to use this type of software before your match or at the very beginning of your practice session, as it allows you to get a better feel for the mouse’s sensitivity. It’s not connected to CS:GO gameplay and is used to warm up a player’s basic mechanical skills, such as reflexes and aiming accuracy.


This software has a free analog –, a site which provides similar options, but in a different form.



2. Workshop maps


Combine the aforementioned functions with CS:GO mechanics and you get the  training_aim_csgo2 map. In several steps, you practice the same skills, but with a particular CS:GO weapon in hand instead of a cursor or a cartoon-animated weapon. Exercise your flicks here to get them connected in-game. You can also practice the speed of your reactions and spray control here. But when you’re looking specifically for spray control training, there’s a better option.




Recoil Master

This map is the dream for those players who love to sit and spray their souls away in thirty bullets.



Choose a weapon, and “Recoil Master” will provide you with a gif, displaying this weapon’s spray pattern, flipped and reversed, so you know how to manage your crosshair correctly to hit the target, and only the target. Here you must follow the colored dot with your crosshair while shooting to send the bullets straight into the target.



Well, you might not spray all thirty bullets in-game that often, but the knowledge of the weapon’s spray pattern is crucial.




If you’re tired of shooting plates and ready to see how well your shots connect onto  CS:GO models, it’s time to download an “AimBotZ” map.



Choose your weapon, the number of frags you want to get and start mastering different types of firing rhythms. Yes, here they come: the beloved one taps, burst fires, and spray downs.



If the bots’ static positions become too boring for you, change some settings and switch from snapping to tracking moving bots with the middle of your crosshair.



3. Prefire maps


We’ve arrived at the transition point between practice software/maps and the game. Here we’re going to practice another crucial part of aiming, which is crosshair placement.


Usually, when you start playing CS:GO, you rarely move your crosshair up higher than the level of the opponent’s waist, which is a mistake. To avoid the unnecessary delay for a flick, implement the habit of aiming at head level only. And furthermore, predict his possible positioning while holding particular angles.


On these types of maps, you practice shoulder peeking (which is based on counter strafing, a type from movement, which, you guessed it, is another important aim-training aspect), crosshair positioning, and shooting in different firing rhythms.



4. Aim Maps


The battlefield, where players have been immortalized since the game was released.


Winning on this map has a lot to do with shoulder peeking, pre-firing, and types of shooting (same as on pre-fire maps), but we couldn’t neglect this legendary place, the origin of aim-practicing.


5. DeathMatch


The world of infinite running and gunning. The one who shoots first is often the one who wins, as a lot of situations provide you the chance to shoot or stab your opponent in the back. But when it comes to a face-to-face showdown, the player with better map awareness, precise movements, reactions and the ability to switch between different firing rhythms depending on the distance, usually comes out on top.



6. Competitive CS:GO


It wasn’t unexpected at all, right? The most powerful boost of any in-game skill, including aim, you get by playing competitively; this is the place where you’re the most focused, where you’re pushed to the limit to perform your best, where the result matters. The whole spectrum of aim skills is practiced during tournament matches.


P.S. Don’t forget to alternate your approaches to aim training, because the longer you use the same approach, the less impact it has on your skill improvement, and at some point can even negatively affect you.


Practice makes perfect. Now you’ve got all the necessary tools to start bettering your aim and other game aspects to become a new CS:GO prodigy. Do you want to become one? It’s all up to you. Keep up with for more ways of developing your skills.

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