Best Tactics On Overpass

The next installment of our “Best Tactics” series is dedicated to Overpass. Get out your pens and paper and get ready for some amazing pro tactics.


Long + Banana A-split


This A-split was executed by Na’Vi in their match vs. Astralis in the Grand Final at FACE IT Major London 2018.


We’ve divided it into two stages: the preparation, and the execution itself.


Preparatory stage


Edward was the first player to secure playground and was forced to throw his SG to extinguish device’s molly at T start. After that, he secured long.


Flamie’s objective was to throw an anti-rush HE toward stairs and join Edward. S1mple threw his Smoke toward bathrooms exit and proceeded toward long as well. Later, he threw his FB toward bathrooms, so Edward could check that position.


Zeus threw his flashbang toward balloons and a molly toward banana, to the right of the bathrooms position.

These four grenades (HE, SG, FB, and molly) were an attempt to stop the CTs’ from aggressively securing middle.   



A few moments later, Zeus was accompanied by Electronic who did the important piece of strat on the opposite side of the map.


For Electronic, the whole round started off by showing a Na’Vi presence at Monster and construction.


He moved toward Monster, threw a molly toward short-slash-catwalk, to deny CTs’ early push in order to secure construction, and extinguished CTs’ molly at the tube exit via his smoke. Two flashbangs were thrown toward construction from the Monster and T start positions as Elec started rotating toward bathrooms to join Zeus there.



Whether it was a part of the CTs’ plan for the round or it was caused by Electronic’s actions, Astralis focused on defending B site, leaving three players there. Na’Vi took advantage of that and secured long and bathrooms with a minute still on the clock.


Execution stage


NAVI started their A-site execution having three players at long and two players at bathrooms positions.




The A-site execution started immediately after Edward managed to kill dupreeh who was out of position at long with help from s1mple’s flashbang. He rushed long immediately and threw his molly and a flashbang toward bank to cut off dev1ce from that position. He tried to attack the site with his teammates at bathrooms and banana, and plant the bomb.





Zeus started the A-site execution from banana by throwing his smoke toward CT and a flashbang over the plant area which would allow his teammates at long to get into the site easier.





After a pop-flash, s1mple followed Edward and extended his molly at bank. His objective was to push toward bank car and win the fight vs. the players at CT and truck positions.





Flamie threw a flashbang over the plant area to support his teammates’ push from bathrooms and banana. He added on to Edward and s1mple’s mollies, throwing his toward the same position. After extending Zeus’ smoke at CT, he tried to cover Edward holding the CT, truck and bank angles.





Electronic’s objective was the easiest – he needed to enter the site with his gun out.


Three mollies thrown toward bank totally isolated dev1ce from the fight, gave Na’Vi some time, and allowed them to increase their numbers advantage.



Eventually, Zeus and Electronic made the mistake of crossing dev1ce’s angle without cover, which resulted in two frags for the Dane, but Na’Vi still did enough to win the round.


Astralis’ Wall Of Smokes On A


This round is from the second half of the Grand Final between Na’Vi and Astralis, and it has two parts as well.


Preparatory stage:


Astralis started the round by throwing three nades toward CT stairs in mid. Dupreeh moved toward long on his own and secured bathrooms. Gla1ve waited at playground, only to throw a smoke toward bathrooms and then move forward slowly. Magisk immediately moved to connector where he was lucky to escape s1mple’s AWP shot and returned to join gla1ve at banana.


Xyp9x and dev1ce had their own action at Monster at the beginning of the round. Xyp9x tried to delay the CTs’ push at catwalk with a molly and a spray through the wall, while dev1ce controlled Monster with an AWP. Soon, they both rotated: Xyp9x through underpass to bathrooms where he joined gla1ve and Magisk along with dupreeh, while dev1ce moved toward long through T spawn.



Opposite to Na’Vi’s tactics, Astralis had four players at bathrooms and banana with only one player at long.


Execution stage


With all the preparations done, Astralis started their nade execution.




Dev1ce threw his smoke between the car and the middle box in the plant area and started slowly moving toward long, but was taken down by s1mple.





Dupreeh threw his smoke between the middle box and truck, followed by a flashbang thrown in the same direction.





Magisk threw his smoke straight toward truck, and when he got closer to the plant, used his molly, throwing it toward bank.



Player4 and Player5:


Xyp9x and gla1ve, having just a single HE between the two of them, just attacked the site.



The wall of smokes executed by Astralis totally cut off the CTs’ vision of the Ts’ movements. In the case that the CTs’ do not have much utility and are unable to delay the site execution, there’s a real possibility of being swept away by the attacking Ts.



Catwalk Execution With Mollies


Though we’ve become used to the fact that Astralis systematically sets up a ton of preparatory work before a site execution, this round showed their ability to shift gears easily and effectively.


In the eleventh round of Istanbul’s BLAST Pro Series Grand Final vs. MIBR, they decided to catch their opponents off guard by applying a fast, but still thoroughly-prepared, B-site execution.


Preparatory stage




Dev1ce headed for the underpass corridor and threw an anti-rush molly toward stairs. It didn’t affect fer who was pushing underpass a lot, so he threw a defensive flashbang and retreated toward construction to join back up with his teammates.




Gla1ve showed Astralis’ intention to secure playground, mid, and long by throwing an anti-rush FB and HE toward stairs in mid. However, he rotated toward construction shortly thereafter.


Player3 and Player4:


Dupreeh rushed through pipe, extinguishing coldzera’s anti-rush molly, and, accompanied by Magisk, secured construction.




Xyp9x helped his teammates to secure construction. He denied a possible CT push from catwalk by throwing an anti-rush molly there and spamming the position through the wall, and stayed in the Monster area.



Execution stage


When everything was set and with 1:20 still left on the clock, the execution started.




Device’s objective was to isolate heaven with a smoke and support his teammates entering the site by throwing his FB toward catwalk. In this round, he had an AK and stayed to cover his team’s back.





Gla1ve threw a perfect smoke toward the plant area which cut off the CTs’ vision of what was happening at the site and, partially, Monster from heaven, CT help, and jungle. Also, he was the first to enter the site to check barrels and slope.



Player3 and Player4:


Dupreeh was responsible for throwing a molly toward jungle, and Magisk threw his toward CT help. (A molly toward CT help was later extended by gla1ve).

The idea was to distract the CTs from holding their angles in those positions, get a small window of time, and use it to slip into the plant area. Jumping ahead, the plan worked perfectly – after throwing mollies, dupreeh and Magisk entered the site quite easily.





Xyp9x had the support+lurker role: he threw a FB toward catwalk, letting gla1ve into the site, and then joined his teammates there by heading through Monster.



Now, let’s switch to some CT setups and take a look at those as well.


Underpass Aggression


Team Liquid used this setup in their ESL Pro League Season 8 Semi Final vs. MIBR.


Though they had enough money for a complete buy with rifles and full utility, Team Liquid decided to keep two farm guns and a Famas. Therefore, they were forced to take up close range positions to be as effective as possible against their opponent’s full buy.


The CT set up at the B site was close to default.




Twistzz was responsible for holding Monster. He started off with a default anti-rush molly toward Monster exit and secured barrels. During the round, he threw his flashbang and smoke to delay a possible Monster execution.





At the B site, Twistzz was accompanied by Taco who used his molly to guard against a rush as well. As soon as he got to CT help, he threw it toward pipe exit at construction and continued checking the position by jumping at sandbags. He also provided a pretty cool support smoke for Twistzz to cut off Monster.





NAF, who was in the closest spawn to the bathrooms and had a farm gun, helped his two teammates secure underpass. He concentrated on delaying a possible push from fountain and playground by throwing a smoke toward stairs, flashbang toward T start and a molly toward balloons. As soon as underpass was secured, he switched to controlling long for a little while. Eventually, he ended up rotating back to the A site.



Player4 and Player5:


From the very beginning of the round, nitr0 (who was also on a farm gun) and Elige (with an AUG) headed toward underpass. As soon as they got there, nitr0 threw his smoke toward the underpass corridor, so the stairs and the door couldn’t be seen from T side of ladder room and was then boosted onto the pipes.



Elige then switched to holding the underpass entrance and set up a crossfire with NAF, which resulted in a 2v1 trade and NAF’s retreat toward the A site.


Nitr0 managed to get a frag and to deal 50 more damage from his boosted position before being taken down.


This series of trades gave Team Liquid all the necessary information about MIBR’s rotations, and they used that info well – their setup in the late stage of the round is also worth mentioning.


Twistzz immediately pushed Monster and secured an unpredictable position at the Monster area start where he could easily flank the remaining MIBR players. NAF and Taco, in turn, set up a cool boost behind the fence near truck. Taco, who was the player on the top, held both bathrooms and long angles which eventually resulted in a frag and a 3v1 vs Fallen. Winning it from that position was easy.



Fountain Push


Coming back from an 0:5 deficit to even it up at 5:5 in the StarSeries i-League Season 6 Semi Final, Vega Squadron continued applying pressure on NRG in the 11th round, and the beginning was very promising because of their aggressive actions.




The setup’s success mainly depended on jR’s utility mastery.


He threw a smoke toward T start from CT spawn and laid down a molly near the blooming smoke a few moments later. A support flashbang toward fountain followed just before he moved toward underpass with an AWP.


Securing the necessary positions by his teammates heavily depended on the speed and precision with which he threw those nades.



Player2 and Player3:


Tonyblack and crush were the aggressors in this round. They both secured stairs and moved close to the wall separating fountain area from playground. Their boost paid off immediately, resulting in an unanswered frag onto Brehze, and let them and jR quickly rotate back toward the A site.



Player4 and Player5:


Hutji and Chopper, the initial B-site defenders, secured their positions in the default way.


Hutji threw a molly and an HE toward Monster to stave off a rush and secured barrels.



As soon as Chopper got to CT help, he threw a molly toward tube exit and followed it up with an HE and FB in the same direction.



NRG reacted to the frag on Brehze with an immediate B-site execution. They bombarded barrels with several HEs from construction, leaving hutji on red HP.



This forced him to change positions, and Chopper had to throw his smoke toward catwalk. The B-site defenders’ micro adjustment, plus a well-timed rotation from jR, crush, and tonyblack was enough to bring the situation to a 3v1 in their favor, only to lose it to daps.


However, Vega’s early and well-rehearsed set up along with a quick rotation definitely worked well and is worth implementing into your tactical arsenal.


Three maps done, four maps to go. Choose the one you’d like our next installment of the “Best Tactics” series to be about, and write it in the comments.


And remember: there still so much room left to improve, so keep it locked on to become a better player.

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