Best Tactics on Dust2

Best Tactics On Dust2

It’s been a long time. But finally, we’re back with the next installment of our Best Tactics series.


Right now you might be feeling nostalgic running around the remastered Dust2 dedicated to Counter-Strike 20th anniversary. But soon you’ll come back to the ordinary CS:GO Dust2. This is where you’re going to need the info from this article. Here you go. Best Tactics on Dust2. Let’s go!


A-site Execution Through Catwalk


This strat was demonstrated by Team Spirit in their match vs. Syman at the IEM Katowice 2019 CIS Minor. The execution is complicated, but it’s so satisfying if you pull it off.


To start, four players on your team need to secure catwalk and hold onto as many grenades as possible – you’re going to need them 🙂


In this tactic, each player needs to be in an exact position with exact responsibilities. Let’s find out who stands where and throws what.


Player1 (Dima)


In this round, Dima was supporting his team in securing catwalk via flashbang over the wall. Choose your own way to secure catwalk, just don’t waste too many grenades trying to do it.


Once catwalk is secured, stand in the corner and throw a smoke toward the ledge to cut off the view of stairs from car and ramp. Then jump on the box, throw a molly toward goose, and jump off the ledge toward CT.



Player2 (COLDYY1)


This player’s objective is to place his smoke inside the A site to cut off the CT’s vision of stairs from ramp, throw a molly toward ramp, and then join Player1.


After jumping, these two players push toward ramp/car.



Player3 (DavCost)


Stand behind your teammates like this, and throw a smoke and a flashbang toward CT. Then, throw a flashbang along the wall to blind car/ramp and proceed toward the A site.



Player4 (S0tF1k)


This player throws his smoke toward the ledge at the very beginning of the execution – the smoke screen will allow all four players secure the necessary positions. While others prepare, this player holds the angle and doesn’t let the CTs catch the Ts off guard and, subsequently, retake catwalk.


Then, he throws his molly and flashbang toward ramp and attacks the A-site.



That’s it. First go the smokes, then – mollies and flashbangs. Mollies will force the CTs out of goose and ramp and into the open. That’s where you take control with your manpower advantage. The sequence seems simple but needs to be orchestrated and rehearsed well.



P.S. Here’s the execution from CTs’ AWPer, iDISBALANCE, point of view. It was almost impossible to escape.



3+2 B split


This is a round that every team has to have in its arsenal. It’s as simple, as it is useful. This one needs to be practiced, but you still can execute while playing in a mix. We’ll use FaZe Clan’s execution in their match vs. NiP at DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 as an example.


You need the three players in mid (rain, GuardiaN, and NEO) to have smokes and flashbangs. For the two players at upper B tunnels (NiKo and olofmeister), a single smoke and one or two flashbangs will do the trick.


The players in mid start. They need to throw their smokes (two or all three) and one or two flashbangs toward CT (CTs at CT spawn and CT ramp won’t spot you then), and move toward window. Usually, one of them (NEO) stays in CT mid or at mid doors to intercept the CTs retaking from CT spawn and catwalk.


After picking B doors and B boxes, they throw flashbangs over the wall to help the two at the upper B tunnels enter the site.



These two have the option to throw a smoke toward B plat to cut off the view of the B tunnels and default flashbangs which explode at the exit from the tunnels. Throwing mollies toward the plant area would be perfect.



At that point, you’re ready to enter the site and tear the defense (if they’re still alive) apart.



3+2 (2+3) A-split And The Counteractions To It


This is one of the most popular strats on Dust2, unless you just want to always rush B, my colleague’s preferred strat 🙂 That’s why we’ll take a look at both the Ts’ and CTs’ actions using MIBR’s A-site execution in their BLAST Pro Series Istanbul 2018 match vs. Astralis as an example.


The Ts’ main objective in this round is to show their presence at both long and catwalk, find out (it becomes apparent very quickly) which of these positions is reinforced by the CTs, and then attack through the other one.


All five players move toward outside long where they then split into two groups. The first two players move toward long while the rest proceed toward catwalk.


It all starts with a smoke toward xbox from T spawn and the long execution by Players 1 and 2 (in our example, coldzera and Stewie2k) which have spawn closest to long halls.



As you remember, Players 3, 4, and 5 (FalleN, tarik, and fer) are on their way toward catwalk.


In this particular round, the CTs decided to reinforce the A site and long. That’s why the Ts’ objectives are the following:


Players 1 and 2 must:


– Secure long door and blue box;

– Let their teammates know that catwalk is more than likely free to execute,

– Put the CTs at long under pressure and distract them by throwing nades and shooting.


Players 3, 4, and 5 must execute through catwalk as fast as possible, plant the bomb, and try to surround the CTs at long.



*If Players 1 and 2 encounter no resistance at long, that means that the CTs are most likely securing catwalk. At that point, the T squads switch roles: Players 3, 4, and 5 try to win their fights at catwalk, while Players 1 and 2 execute onto the A site through long.


Tip: You can adjust this round in the following way.


Use your AWPer (Player 5) as cover for Players 3 and 4 while they jump toward suicide. They will reach stairs with 1:44 on the clock and might catch the CTs at catwalk and at the A site off guard.


As for this particular round, Astralis seemed to know that MIBR were going to execute this strat. So they adjusted. They had four players on A.


Player 1 (Magisk)


This player has the spawn closest to pit and tries to secure that position. He completes his objective by getting support flashbangs from his teammates and by throwing his smoke between the Ts’ smoke and pit’s ledge. Later on, he continues getting flashbangs from his teammates and tries to pick his opponent.




Players 2 and 3 (gla1ve and Xyp9x)


Their objective is to support Player 1 with flashbangs. They can be thrown toward long halls directly or along the wall, behind the Player 1.



Player 4 (device)


Three players at long is more than enough, so his objective is to stay at ramp and hold the catwalk angle.


It’s clear that MIBR didn’t expect a player to be holding the catwalk angle and stuck to their strat – execute as fast as possible with no utility. If there hadn’t been a player there, everything would’ve gone smoothly.



2-Man-B-Site Hold In A 2-1-2 Setup


This setup was orchestrated by Na’Vi in their match vs. Team Liquid at IEM Katowice 2019. This was more of an on-the-fly adjustment, but there’s a possibility to plan it as well.


At the beginning of the round, Na’Vi held the sites in a default setup: two players (s1mple and electronic) proceeded toward long, the third player (Zeus) moved toward catwalk on his own, the fourth player (Edward) stayed in mid, while the fifth player (flamie) secured the B site.


As soon as Na’Vi spotted no activity at long, they decided to adjust. Electronic joined Zeus at catwalk, and s1mple secured mid, which allowed Edward to join flamie at the B site. That’s where they applied a pretty cool setup.


Flamie held the upper B tunnels angle through a small gap from the back site, while Edward stayed in window.



The point of this setup is simple. Flamie should start shooting at the attacking Ts and then hide. They are distracted by him and don’t pay attention to window where Edward is already waiting for them.



This simple idea paid off, but two frags still weren’t enough to give Na’Vi the round.


Now, we have the majority of maps covered, and you have some info to work with to get better at playing CS:GO. Check out more of our educational content to improve other aspects of your game. Have fun, and stay tuned to for more interesting content. We’ll catch you next time. Later.  

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