Camping Spots in Apex Legends

Best Hiding/Camping spots in Apex- Places you need to check in Ranked

Grab your Eddie Bauer, because it’s time to go camping. Ranked mode, especially at the higher levels, has changed Apex Legends from a fast-paced, ultra-aggressive kill-fest into a hiding/camping survival Battle Royale. Most fans of the game and hardcore players (at least the vocal ones) are unimpressed by this meta shift and would prefer for the game to go back to the all-out gun battles we had before. Whatever your view is on the change, here are some spots you should be looking for to take out those hiders and campers.


Also, as a small note, hiding spots are where you go to just sit and wait for the top 10 to come. Camping spots are places you go to get open shots on unsuspecting enemies. While I’m not encouraging either, camping spots still put you in the fight while hiding spots get you out of all danger.


Hiding Spots


Camping Spots in Apex Legends




This area is directly under the biggest cage in Thunderdome. If you jump on the stones in front of you, there’s a safe nook to hide in. This is a useful spot if the final circle is in TD and you’re down a man or two.


Camping Spots in Apex Legends


Pit (Yellow Pipes)


Obviously, the Mirage isn’t doing a great job here, but you can climb up the right side of those yellow pipes and get directly behind one on the ledge. You won’t be able to be seen at all and may even be able to ambush players trying to get to a late-game ring in the Slum Lakes area.

Swamps (in between giant tree roots and cliff)


Camping Spots in Apex Legends


Hydro Dam and Repulsor (under concrete)


The blue pipe at the bottom of the screenshot offers a very sneaky place to hide for two reasons. One, it’s well-hidden even if you’re looking in that direction, and two, there is very little foot traffic in this location at all. It’s definitely a hiding spot to avoid all the snipers on the walls of repulsor.


Camping Spots in Apex Legends


Between South Settlement and Water Treatment


This area is just behind the mountain on the right. You can get to Water Treatment from this jump balloon in South Settlement following this path. Or, if you find yourself alone, you can set up shop and wait it out. 


Camping Spots


Camping Spots in Apex Legends


Apex Sign Market


You can get up on the Apex sign near Market by using the balloon just outside of Skull Town. It’s a great place to camp and take pot shots at people passing by. If you’re caught up there, it’s tough to escape unless you are playing Pathfinder.



Watchtower Ledges


If you jump off the left or right side of the tower and hug the wall, there’ll be a place where you can see through the other side of the windows. This is an excellent and underused spot to camp with a sniper rifle.


Make sure you check out these areas to get some easy kills on campers. There are tons of other places on the map where people hide and camp, so be on the lookout and check your angles. 

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