Become an All-Around Player

League of Legends is such a complex game it seems almost impossible to get good at all the aspects. It doesn’t mean you should try though. Here are a few tips to help you stay on an upward trajectory.


Play to get better, not get LPs. A regular ranked game without any attempt to improve simply is nothing but a representation of how your skill stacks up against the skill of opponents in that particular match. Sure, you may become a bit more efficient with using skill combos if you use them a few times, but the difference will be negligible.


Instead of focusing on your rank, try to be more aware of everything you do in the match. Don’t simply step forward to last hit minions—consider hitting an enemy champion before every right click.


Watch replays to see what went wrong. You may be as attentive as ever during the match, but the fog of war still prevents you from noticing all of your actions and their consequences. VODs make it possible to have a look at the key situations from the perspective of any player.



Watching other people analyze pro games is useful, too


It’s true that you learn less from winning games, but I’d argue that watching replays of successful games is worth doing, too. You can pinpoint the specific mistakes that your opponents make (especially in your lane) and avoid making them yourself.


Focus on one aspect at a time. Start with forcing yourself to check the map every five seconds. After 10 games, move on to try achieving a perfect creep score in lane. Then, look for opportunities to roam even while not playing Mid. The idea is that you won’t be completely giving up what you learned before.


Keep in mind that 10 games is not a universal number. Different people require different amounts of practice to make League of Legends actions routine. If you start forgetting about the map while slaying minions, take a step back.


Consider playing other lanes. It improves your understanding of what people up there (or down there) try to do at various stages of the game. Having started as a Top player, I can now easily predict a TP gank to the bottom lane.


Improving your play in off-roles both benefits your general understanding of the game and helps the climb. You’re less likely to lose a game due to autofill, and you probably won’t have to waste time dodging matches.


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