AWP Accuracy

What Is It?


AWP Accuracy is the skill which shows how well your AWP shots with your intended opponent.


*Rifle accuracy and AWP accuracy are of a similar nature, but as the approach to shooting these weapons and their firing rhythms are vastly different, the Rifle-accuracy and the AWP-accuracy values are separate.


Why Improve It?


The reason you need to improve your accuracy is simple: the more accurately you shoot, the more damage you deal, therefore the more kills you get.


An AWP shot is lethal, regardless of which part of the body (except for the leg hit) you hit or whether your enemy is wearing armor or not. So, an accurate AWP shot gives you an immediate numbers advantage. It can either delay a site execution, giving your teammates additional time to rotate and reinforce a particular site or to create a gap in your opponent’s defensive lines.


All this makes accurate AWP shooting an extremely valuable skill.


How To Improve It?


A. Zoom In


The AWP is highly inaccurate while not scoped in, especially at long range. Use no scopes only at close range and only in desperate situations, but try to mainly shoot while being zoomed in.


*Shooting without looking through your scope is a reasonable option when your opponent is at extremely close range. You should use this approach in several situations:

– at extremely close range, you simply don’t have time to zoom in
– at extremely close range, it’s very difficult to track the target while zoomed in
– at extremely close range, the AWP’s inaccuracy is irrelevant


In these situations, you should take a chance on a quick no-scope shot, rather than not taking a shot at all.


B. Use the correct “Moving + Shooting” pattern


Implement the instructions from from the “Accuracy” article while being zoomed in.


C. Aim Longer


Longer aiming vs shoulder peeking


If you’re not sure whether you can hit your opponent coming around the corner, give yourself a little time to aim at him as he moves out into the open.


Firstly, your shooting technique should look like this:

– let your opponent come around the corner and out into open space;
– drag your crosshair, following your opponent;
– shoot as soon as your opponent appears in the middle of your crosshair/shoot with a small flick.


*This approach won’t work at close/mid ranges (example: catwalk on Dust2 above stairs), as your opponent is very likely accompanied by his teammates which won’t allow you to aim as long as you need.


In these situations, it’s better to take a low-chance shot and quickly change positions, saving your life and the AWP.


The same approach works well in situations when you are low on HP or when you’re in the middle of a battle with another team’s AWPer.


The next step is the following:

– leave quite a wide angle (a 1x-1.5x model size) between the corner and the middle of your crosshair;
– shoot as soon as the opponent appears in the middle of your crosshair.


To be better able to narrow the angle, practice your reaction in the way we recommend to in our Reaction article.


Eventually, you’ll be able to hit your opponents with your crosshair as close to the corner as possible, punishing them for shoulder peeking with your accurate shots.


D. Practice Advanced Techniques


This will allow you to not only rely on your reactions in the scenario mentioned above but will give you another tool to successfully hit your shots.


E. Change Positions


Playing as a CT, change the positions you secure to defend the site.


This simple but effective tip will leave your opponents guessing where the AWPer might be. If they predict your positioning incorrectly, that may result in mistakes:
– throwing smokes and mollies that don’t obstruct your clear vision of their position and won’t force you to rotate, leaving yourself unnecessarily vulnerable;
– their run-boosts or jumps over a particular angle won’t work as intended (force you shoot without preparing/quick scoping instead of aiming).


These mistakes will allow you to aim comfortably shoot accurately.


You will avoid being prefired as well, which slightly increases your chances of hitting your shot.


Securing unanticipated positions (Inferno boost near boiler; a boost near banana start; Mirage catwalk fence; a boost at van on B site; Overpass boost at playground) fits this approach well too.


F. Use Utility And Help From Your Teammates As An Advantage


Implement this approach to get an advantage during a fight:
– use your and your teammates’ utility – this will either give you a positional or time-for-aim-precisely advantage;
– playing as a T, use your teammates as bait to get the necessary information about your opponents’ positioning.


If you follow these instructions, you will definitely increase your AWP accuracy. And keep in mind that improving a single skill while ignoring the rest won’t take you to the top. Becoming a Pro in CS:GO is about mastering a large set of hard and soft skills, such as positioning, cooperation, utility usage, communication, etc. If you develop all of these, you’ll be on your way to becoming the best.

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