Auto Analyze Is A Game Changer, the ultimate teambuilding and skill-growing platform, is updating our updates. What does that even mean? Well, will now release new features and platform updates biweekly. Why are we telling you this? Because you will now know when to expect changes to the DreamTeam platform. And, once in a while, we will announce multiple updates at one time, which happens to be the case right now.


DreamTeam is extremely excited about the newest updates being released. The first update is bringing something to the market for, not only the first time but for free. The second update ensures that users never miss what is happening on the platform. The third update will make finding and communicating with other users on the DreamTeam platform easier. So, could we just get to the point and tell you about them? Sure. Let’s take an in-depth look at the newest DreamTeam updates.  


Auto Analyze Practice Game


CS:GO Practice Games played and finished on DreamTeam servers will now automatically be uploaded and analyzed by the DreamTeam Analytics feature.


After finishing a Practice Game, whether it’s a 5v5 competitive map or a custom 2v2 map, the analytics for that game will be available without you having to do anything, at all. Well, except click a button. In fact, the link for the Practice Games analytics can be found in three different places: in the played tab of the Practice Games Dashboard, the Practice Games tab of the Player Analytics Dashboard, and the Practice Games tab of the Team Analytics Dashboard.

So how exactly should you be using this feature to improve? Come with us and we’ll show you. Actually, you are just reading this. So, you can stay seated right where you are and we’ll just tell you.


Step 1:

Once you are on a Team, set up or join a Practice Game. You either have to accept an applicant or apply and be accepted in order to start the game. Make sure that the game you set up or join is going to be played on DreamTeam servers. You can choose this option when you create a game or check this in the game details when you apply to a game. As a side note, major changes are coming to the Practice Games feature to simplify and speed up the entire process.


Step 2:  

Start and complete the Practice Game. It’s very important that you finish the game. Incomplete games will not be analyzed, as they are, well, incomplete.


Step 3:

Click the link, as shown above, to that Practice Game’s Analytics.


Step 4:

Analyze the analysis. To put it simply, review the information.


Step 5:

Remember, each Practice Game now has a special Practice Game chat group that’s automatically created and includes all members of each Team. Take advantage of that. Make sure you discuss the match analytics with the Team. Be sure to discuss things that went well and things that you each need to work on.


Step 6:  

Set up another Practice Game and continue to improve. It really is that easy.


Wait. Don’t leave to play just yet. We have two more updates to talk about: the DreamTeam Notification Center and Private and DreamTeam group chats.


Notification Center


DreamTeam has added a Notification Center. The Notification Center will keep users updated with everything happening on the platform: from Team and Player activity to Practice Game information to Game Analytics additions. Users will finally have all of their information conveniently stored in one easy-to-access location.

To access the notification center, click the bell icon.

Private and DreamTeam Chat Groups


Communicating with other users on the platform is something that DreamTeam deems greatly important. Not long ago, we introduced Chat 2.0, an update that enables DreamTeam to have full control over the Chat feature, making communication easier. So what’s new?


We have added the following new DreamTeam public group chats and DreamTeam private group chats.


1. CS:GO/LoL Practice Games chat — each server region will have its own chat group. Players of each server region are automatically added to the chat group. This will help Players and Teams find each other and ensure each side has a similar Practice Game ping.

2. CS:GO/LoL Staffing chats —  each country and region will have its own chat group. Players of each country and region will automatically be added to the chat groups. This will help users find Players and Teams that speak their language, who won’t need to relocate, etc.

3. Private DreamTeam chats — each user now has the ability to create private group chats. This can be done by pressing the “Chat box +” icon at the top of a chat box.

Users then need to select who they want to create a private group chat with and then click the “Create Group Chat” button.

To access your chat groups click on the chat icon at the top of the page.

To leave a chat group, simply click on the chat menu in the chat box and select “Leave Chat”.

In addition to group chats, DreamTeam has also added the ability to use emojis. 😄 Boom!  Now go out in the world and play.

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