Apex Winter Challenge

The Winter holidays are coming! And to celebrate, DreamTeam.gg has created a special December event, the Apex Winter Challenge. And with this celebration comes a chance to participate in more challenges, win higher cash prizes, and have an excuse to stay inside and out of the cold. (If you play Fortnite or CoD: Modern Warfare, don’t worry, your events are coming!) 


DreamTeam Challenges allow Apex players to compete against other players in 24-hour challenges that include the most kills, highest single-game kill count, highest average damage, etc. Follow your place in the live challenge leaderboards. Winners receive cash prizes and cool badges for their profiles. 


So what is the Apex Winter Challenge, and what do its participants get? Keep reading to find out. Or, skip the reading and just jump right in here


To understand the event, you must first understand how Challenges worked before the event. In short, challenges work like this: 


Free Apex Challenges



– There are 5 challenge ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond and Predator

– Each rank has 2 free daily challenges 

– Every rank has 2 Prime Challenges on the weekends


Prime Challenges for Prime Members



– Each rank 1 weekly Prime challenge

– Have a higher prize pool — $30 instead of $10

– Reward more places — 8 places paid instead of 3


So what’s changed for the event? A lot. 


Daily Prime Challenges



For the entire month of December, every rank will have daily Prime Challenges. So, instead of having 12 Prime Challenges, there will be 30 Prime Challenges. Keep in mind that winning a single Prime Challenge pays $10, more than the cost of a month of Prime. So, you actually make money by getting first in a single challenge. 




Higher Prizes in Free Challenges 



Not only do Prime Members win more cash in Prime Challenges, but they can also make more in free challenges. Also, for December, Prime Gold Members will win 1.5x more cash for placing in a free challenge. So, if you win a free challenge and aren’t a Prime Gold Member, you’re actually losing money. Winning just one free challenge as a Prime Gold Member will also pay for a month of Prime. 




Only Prime and Prime Gold Members can participate in the Apex Winter Challenge. Remember, you only have to place in 1 of the 90 monthly challenges, and Prime pays for itself. That leaves 89 challenges for you to place in and make some cash. Every day you aren’t a Prime Member, you lose a chance at $25. Act quick, the event ends December 31st. 


In conclusion, if you want to make some money playing the game you love, December is the month to do it. Become a Prime Member and start joining Challenges today! 



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