Apex Season 3 cover

Apex Season 3 details leaked and new events incoming

Respawn seems to have a problem with employees leaking confidential information to the public on a regular basis. But their problem is our gain. Even with the number of highly-skilled dataminers out there, this information hadn’t been discovered until someone from the company took and then posted these photographs online. These seem to be from a meeting in which the new content was being discussed internally.


Charge Rifle Leak


New Weapon


The Charge Rifle looks like it will be added into the game at the start of Season 3. The specifics of this new weapon haven’t been disclosed, but it was an anti-Titan weapon in Titanfall. It will most likely be an energy weapon with sniping capabilities. As its name suggests, it will need to be charged for some time before unleashing a powerful laser blast, much like the way the Havoc operates with the Selectfire attached.


Crypto image leak


New Legend


While Crypto has long been speculated as the next legend to enter King’s Canyon, a dataminer named That1MiningGuy found information on the Surveillance Expert’s kit. An aerial camera drone and an EMP which will damage shields and disable traps along with slowing all enemies are the two abilities. Crypto’s passive ability, reportedly called “Neurolink” makes him the second tracker, finally getting Bloodhound off their lonely island. That will allow both Crypto and his teammates to see what his drone sees within a certain range. The drone will also have the unique ability to retrieve the banner of a fallen teammate.


Gibraltar Season 3 Skin


New Skins


Gibraltar will apparently be getting a new skin, one that Mary Shelley would approve of. Looking strikingly similar to Frankenstein’s monster, the biggest boy of them all looks to be getting even more terrifying than his oftentimes silent ultimate. With Halloween coming soon, it’ll be interesting to see if other characters get skins of well-known monsters to celebrate the spookiest day of the year.

Wraith Event Season 3


Other Apex News


In an unrelated post, Director of Product Management at Respawn, Lee Horn confirmed that the next event will be coming in early September. The above image strongly suggests that it will be centered around Wraith. Respawn also stated that the structure for the Crown Collection Event scheduled for October will undergo some changes after the tidal wave of negative feedback about the pricing in the Iron Crown Collection Event this month.

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