Fan Theory about next apex Legends

Apex Legends- The Next Legend Could Be “Crypto”

With all the new stuff we’ve got in Season 2 already, it’s hard to not be content at the moment. But, we never are, so we’re taking a look into who the next legend might be. 


With Wattson arriving and the way that Ranked is set up currently, the meta has shifted into more of a camping game rather than the run and gun style that was ubiquitous in Season 1. With everything that Respawn will learn, either through their own analytics or from players, Season 3 will likely change the Meta once again. With that being the case and with some compelling data coming from dataminers, the next legend is probably going to be Crypto.


Again, to be clear, none of this information has come directly from Respawn, so take this with a grain of salt.


Crypto appears to be a hacking specialist from images found in the game data. There are hints about his inevitable inclusion in King’s Canyon in-game as well.


Datamined legends potentially coming to Apex Legends via frozenfroh and Surgent179 on Twitter.

Datamined legends potentially coming to Apex Legends via frozenfroh and Surgent179 on Twitter.


The fan theories really heated up when Cypto’s laptop was found in the arena just before Season 2 launched. The name of the model seen was crypto_laptop_tease, and it set reddit alight with fan theories. Some players even believe that Crypto is the person responsible for the chaos that is going on with the map in Season 2, possibly hacking the barriers that were previously keeping the Leviathans at bay.



Even the Battle Charge trailer that was shown before launch point to Crypto coming next. There’s a jacket which is clearly visible in the opening few seconds that looks almost identical to another that was leaked several months back, so we’re comfortable in thinking it’s the same person unless multiple characters have similar tastes in fashion. 



With the meta so focused on camping, it’d be great to see Crypto’s abilities disrupt that. Having a kit that can turn Wattson’s fences and interceptor off (or against) would be a welcome addition. Hacking into the communications that Legends have to use to communicate with one another and creating distractions would also be game-changing. Whatever his abilities are, hopefully, it will take the game back to a more kill-focused Battle Royale than the survival-focused state we’re in now.


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