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Apex Legends Season 3: Release Date, Crypto, New Map, Battle Pass

Apex Legends developer, Respawn, is getting ready to launch Season 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The new Apex Legends season — titled Meltdown — has an October 1st (6 pm BST start time) release date for PC and consoles. And it comes with a new Legend, map, battle pass, hop-up attachments, and weapon.



New Map – World’s Edge


New Map - World's Edge


The most exciting update that everybody is waiting for is a brand new map called World’s Edge. World’s Edge is found on the planet of Talos and is said to be where molten rock and chemical ice collide.


One thing that isn’t quite clear is whether or not Kings Canyon will still be available alongside World’s Edge. This article gives a quick look at the gameplay, in addition to some interest points on the map.


In the Season 3 teaser video, players can see what looks to be a volcano and some ice-covered areas — a far cry from the previous Kings Canyon map. You might also have noticed the train which players can use to travel at high speed across the map. There’s also a geyser that shoots players into the air – fun!


Who Is The New “Legend”?


crypto apex legends


Respawn describes the new character Crypto as cool, calm, and collected, with plenty of secrets to uncover. Thanks to the work of data miners, we’ve been aware of Crypto’s existence for quite some time. A series of ten images of unreleased characters, including who would eventually become Octane and Wattson was released in season one and two respectively. 


Players then uncovered a laptop in-game and questions were raised about whether they would be able to interact with it much like the jump pads that appeared before Octane’s release. So far this hasn’t been the case, however, Apex Legends leaker That1MiningGuy has said Crypto will have an ability to hack into objects using laptops scattered around the map, much like Pathfinder’s “Insider Knowledge” passive.


Will There Be New Weapons?


Charge Rifle apex legends season 3


As you might expect, Respawn has more to show than just a map. Its new trailer also offers a brief look at Apex Legends’ new Charge Rifle. This is also some chatter about a new attachment and hop-up. 


Will Apex Legends Season 3 Have a Battle Pass?


Respawn has confirmed that the new battle pass will feature over 100 exclusive items, including legendary skins, Apex packs, and ‘new’ battle pass content — although we’re not sure what that is yet.


How Much Will the Apex Legends Battle Pass Cost?


The battle passes for both seasons one and two were purchasable for 950 Apex Coins — so, if Respawn continues down the same path, you’ll need to pick up 1,000 coins from the store for £7.99/$10.  Those who purchased the previous battle pass might be able to purchase the Season 3 battle pass with the coins they received from the Season 2 battle pass if they saved them of course. 


What About a PVE Mode?


Season 3 may include the addition of a Player vs Environment mode. Flyers, which appear to be aggressive and AI-controlled, could work similarly to Call of Duty Zombies and attack players. 


Alternatively, they may be part of the Battle Royale mode itself. With such little information available, and what we do know only shared through a leak, we’ll have to wait for further news.


When Does Apex Legends Season 2 End?


Apex Legends Season 2 currently has an end date of Tuesday, October 1 set, so there’s no downtime planned between the seasons.


However, if it doesn’t change, you can expect Season 2 to come to a close at 6 pm BST/1pm EST/10am PDT and 7pm CEST on October 1.


Looking Beyond To Season 4 And Year 2


You can still expect to see plenty of new content come to Apex Legends in the coming months, and Respawn is already hard at work on dozens of new Legends. We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, enjoy Season 3 and be sure to check your stats, find players, and join challenges, all on DreamTeam.gg.

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