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Apex Legends: Revenant Guide

Brief Overview


Revenant’s origins are shrouded in secrecy. Allegedly, he was once human and worked as the Mercenary Syndicate’s top hitman. At some point, the syndicate reprogrammed him into a robotic killing machine yet left in some code that gave Revenant the illusion he was still human. Continuing the illusion, Revenant even sees his human reflection when he looks in the mirror. According to his debut trailer, the reflection was so accurate that he still shaves.


Now, with that illusion shattered, Revenant is seeking revenge against those who robotized him. With you controlling the new Legend, Revenant can finally sate his bloodlust — maybe not on the right people, but someone nonetheless.



Fun facts:


Revenant is voiced by Darin De Paul, who has done some of the most iconic video game voices in recent memory. De Paul currently voices Overwatch’s tanky knight with a giant hammer, Reinhardt. Previous credits include Ardyn Izunia in Final Fantasy XV, J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man PS4, and Owl from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He’s also set to voice Hulk in Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Avengers game.


revenant fun facts Darin De Paul


Passive Ability: Low Profile


More challenging to hit, incoming damage increased by 5%.


Passive Ability: Stalker


This ability allows Revenant not only to move faster when crouched but also allows him to climb walls higher. Crawling up to get to the roof of a building is more accessible and quicker.


As far as moving faster when crouched is concerned, you will feel the increase in speed compared to other Legends. The ability isn’t something significant and might only help you get out of tricky situations by making less noise.


Tactical: Silence


This ability allows Revenant to throw a device that will not only deal damage but also disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds. The ability recharges after a few seconds and can be used multiple times.


The device gives off a small effect where if an opponent comes in contact with it, they will be affected by it. The radius is not that large, which means you will have to be pretty accurate with your throws. The device stays on for a few seconds before disappearing.


Ultimate: Death Totem


This ability allows Revenant to drop a Totem anywhere that will protect users from death. Instead of getting killed or down, you will return to the totem. This ability works well when you are ready to push a team. It gives you and your squad an additional life to get back in the game. 

Death Totem ability is also something that massively helps your squad. You can place the Death Totem anywhere and activate it. The ability is best used when you are all committed to attacking a team. Place a Death Totem in a safe place and then go for the attack. If you get downed, you will be resurrected at the Totem location. While you do come back in the fight, you are left with only 1 HP, which balances this Ultimate Ability.


Crypto Weapon Loadout:


Since the Revenant is an assassin hero, you should play with an aggressive combination of weapons. Any aggressive combo is great, as long as the weapons are useful. You can check the best weapons in Apex with our best Apex Legends weapons guide.


Revenant’s Tricks:


1. The trick to being a good Revenant is clear communication with your squad. Working in tandem is vital, as Silence can quickly help you wipe out another squad. You need to use other players learned habits against them, as the Silence will put them in unfamiliar territory. 

2. Use crouch a lot – it’s an insane passive for sneaking up to people while still moving fairly fast.

3. Use higher and faster wall climb to sneak up on people and have the element of surprise. Play like a flanker.

4.  Do not use the totem if the circle is behind you, respawning out of circle means instant death.

5.  You can’t use heals or shields after using the totem.

6. Always place your totems behind natural cover, they can be destroyed, and you don’t want to be exposed when respawned.

7. Use an aggressive weapon loadout for maximum damage when surprising enemies.

8. The totem has a limited range, marked with a blue border around you. You will see it when you reach the range. You can only exit the range for about 3 seconds without losing the buff.

9. The tactical bomb can be used offensively and defensively. To either engage on a full squad, secure a kill, or protect yourself by using it in a clutch spot or a door.

10. Enemies can also use your totem, don’t let them find it.


Apex Legends Revenant Skins


You can find all of the skins for Revenant below:


– Shadow of the Sun

– Bird of Prey

– Unholy Beast

– False Idol

– Hack the System

– Daemon Hunter

– User-Friendly

– Heat Sync

– Fiber Optics

– Refraction

– Labyrinth

– Pincushion

– Green Screen

– Unholy Alliance

– Disruptor

– Wishbone

– Bloodlines

– Scribbler

– Arachnophobia

– Purgatory

– Urban Legend

– Prehistoric

– Fresh Paint

– Desert Scorpion

– Midnight

– Cardinal

– Arctic

– Mandarin

– Orchid

– Flamingo

– Clearwater

– Vino

– Evergreen

– Limelight

– Yellowjacket

– Skyward

– Sahara


So there you have it, the eleventh hero added to Apex Legends. I hope you enjoyed our Revenant guide and hope you have amazing success with him. He’s undoubtedly a fun hero, especially for solo queue, if it ever returns, where you’re more on your own rather than relying on team-play and coordination. Be sure to check out your Stats on DreamTeam and let us know in the comments below.

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